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By the Central Organizing Committee of Communist Party of Kenya

June 13, 2023

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between Kenya and China, signifying a new era of friendship and collaboration. The Communist Party of Kenya takes great pride in celebrating this milestone and acknowledges the instrumental role played by our partnership with the Communist Party of China in shaping our shared destiny.

Both Kenya and China have a profound understanding of the struggles and aspirations that arise from a history of colonization. Our shared spirit of independence, freedom, and resilience forms the bedrock of our enduring friendship. China's unwavering support for our sovereignty was evident when it established its embassy in Nairobi just two days after Kenya gained independence in 1963. This act marked the beginning of a fruitful relationship and a testament to China's commitment to our nation's progress.

The foundation of Sino-Kenya diplomatic ties is built upon five essential pillars of connectivity. Firstly, extensive policy consultations have been the cornerstone of China's African policy. Our historical connections can be traced back to the ancient 'Silk Road,' where our nations first intersected. Today, we embrace a reimagined 'Silk Road,' symbolizing our commitment to equality, cooperation, and solidarity in constructing a fair, just, equitable, and prosperous world.

Inspired by China's remarkable success in poverty alleviation through the Reforms and Opening Up policy, Kenya adopted its own "Look East" policy in 2005. By drawing lessons from China's experiences, we seek funds, investment, markets, and technologies that can propel our nation's development. This mutual learning has elevated our relationship to a Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative Partnership, reflecting the shared aspirations of our governments and people.

The second pillar of connectivity lies in infrastructure development. China has been a generous partner in funding the expansion and modernization of our roads, including the Nairobi-Thika Highway and the Nairobi Expressway. The construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) network, connecting Kenya with its East African neighbors, is another testament to our growing partnership. This transformative project, often subject to political debate, holds immense potential to boost trade, create jobs, and enhance Kenya's integration into the global market.

Aligned with Kenya's Vision 2030 development blueprint, the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) have seamlessly harmonized. China's substantial investments in our nation have played a significant role in propelling our economic growth. Collaborations have fostered the construction of critical infrastructure projects such as the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport (Lapsset) corridor and the Konza Technopolis, positioning Kenya as a regional trade and technology hub.

The third pillar of connectivity lies in trade promotion. China has emerged as Kenya's leading trade partner, with bilateral trade reaching unprecedented levels. Diversifying and adding value to our exports is a priority that can address our trade deficit. Through the signing of bilateral trade agreements and the breakthrough export of fresh avocados to China, we have demonstrated the potential for even greater economic cooperation.

China's financial investments in Kenya have also been substantial, stimulating employment opportunities and supporting affordable technology transfer. Chinese firms operating in Kenya have provided jobs to thousands of Kenyans, contributing to our nation's economic growth. While concerns about debt sustainability have been raised, we recognize that responsible debt management and continued collaboration are vital to ensuring mutual benefits.

The fourth pillar of connectivity lies in people-to-people exchanges, which form the foundation of cultural diplomacy and understanding between our nations. Tourism has emerged as a vital avenue for people-to-people interactions, with China becoming one of Kenya's fastest-growing source markets for tourists. The resumption of Chinese tourist arrivals after the Covid-19 pandemic signifies the potential for further growth in this sector. Kenyan universities hosting Confucius Institutes and the introduction of Chinese language training programs for the Kenya Defense Forces demonstrate our commitment to fostering cultural ties and language exchange.

Moreover, China has become an increasingly popular destination for Kenyan students seeking educational opportunities abroad. The number of Kenyan students enrolled in Chinese learning institutions continues to rise, enabling them to acquire knowledge and skills that can contribute to our nation's development. Simultaneously, the Chinese embassy's provision of training opportunities has played a crucial role in capacity building across various sectors, showcasing the long-term benefits of our partnership.

In recent times, our collaboration has extended beyond economic and cultural realms to encompass regional conflict resolution. China's appointment of a special envoy to the Horn of Africa demonstrates its commitment to promoting peace and stability in our region. By actively engaging in regional affairs, we strengthen our collective ability to address challenges and foster a climate of cooperation and harmony.

Despite occasional anti-China rhetoric during the 2022 election season, the pragmatic path chosen by the Kenya Kwanza government has reaffirmed the importance of our partnership. It is evident that the future of Sino-Kenya relations is certain and bright, driven by shared interests, mutual respect, and a common vision for prosperity. As we celebrate 60 years of diplomatic ties, we must recognize the economic model that China represents—an alternative to the neoliberal globalization of the West. China's impressive trajectory, marked by poverty eradication and becoming the world's second-largest economy, inspires us to emulate its successes and forge our unique path to sustainable development.

The Communist Party of Kenya cherishes the fraternal relationship we share with the Communist Party of China. We firmly believe that by further strengthening our government-to-government ties and nurturing people-to-people diplomacy, we can unlock the immense potential for cooperation and achieve shared prosperity. The future is bright for Sino-Kenya relations, and together, we can build a world characterized by fairness, equality, and a better future for all.


Long live the Communist Party of China!

Long live the Communist Party of Kenya!

Long live the friendship between our nations!

Long live a shared future of prosperity and cooperation!

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