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The Young Communist League (YCL) Condemns Attempts to Defund Public Universities
11 Nov 2022 15:06

 The Young Communist League (YCL) condemns the latest efforts by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which is working with the Kenya Government to capitate public university funding. These IMF measures will deny the poor and bright Kenyans the right to higher education and put Kenya on a path of ignorance and more poverty. YCL join all progressives in denouncing IMF's dreaded anti-poor-people structural adjustment policies (SAPS), whose effects are known to all. If these policies are enacted, they will fulfil a lifelong campaign by the IMF to impose education-for-profit in Kenya: killing  [ ... ]

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On party unity, the crisis in the Communist Party of Kenya (CPK)
14 Oct 2022 17:05

  Internal reflections. y the Interim Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kenya Published on October 9, 2022.   The crisis in the party cannot be understood simply at the level of the apparent splits and squabbling among>
Instead, these struggles reflect the emergence of opportunist lines in the party–and Marxist-Leninists' opposition to such lines and practices./>
What value is it to the working class when the "communists" are united around an opportunist line?' 
1       Introduction The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) seeks to understand the source of  [ ... ]

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A statement of solidarity with the people of Saharawi, from the Communist Party ...
15 Sep 2022 06:18

William Ruto is living up to long-held fears that he is a brute who is prone to influence for self-gain.   hursday, 15 September, 2022 Nairobi.   The Communist Party of Kenya expresses solidarity with the people of Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, SADR. It condemns the decision by President Ruto to rescind recognition of the SADR, also known as Western Sahara; a brutal policy which has sacrificed a group of people for exploitation and slaughter by the Moroccan King.   Kenyans know all too well the pain of colonisation: we suffered the savagery of British colonialism, and continue  [ ... ]

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Public Notice in Response to Public Statements Issued by Benedict Wachira
01 Sep 2022 05:53

  This is to notify the public and members of the Communist Party of Kenya, CPK, that the Party has splintered. We have a super reactionary minority led by Benedict Wachira and Mwandawiro Mghanga, now an appendage of the neo-colonial state after joining the Kenya Kwanza Alliance. The other side is the revolutionary majority under the leadership of Comrade Kinuthia Ndung’u as the Chairperson and myself, Sefu Sanni, as the General Secretary.   The public is also notified that neither Mr Wachira nor Mr Mwandawiro has the authority to talk or act on behalf of the Party. Any statements comin [ ... ]

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