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This is to notify the public and members of the Communist Party of Kenya, CPK, that the Party has splintered. We have a super reactionary minority led by Benedict Wachira and Mwandawiro Mghanga, now an appendage of the neo-colonial state after joining the Kenya Kwanza Alliance. The other side is the revolutionary majority under the leadership of Comrade Kinuthia Ndung’u as the Chairperson and myself, Sefu Sanni, as the General Secretary.


The public is also notified that neither Mr Wachira nor Mr Mwandawiro has the authority to talk or act on behalf of the Party. Any statements coming from their camp should be considered minority drivel, which is underlined by the issues below:


  1. Mwandawiro Mghanga and Benedict Wachira disregarded the Party’s decision-making mechanism and entered into a transactional relationship with Mr Ruto, the President-Elect. By their actions, they sold their souls and broke the Party. No progressive person would join with a publicly declared Right-wing, Christian fundamentalist group with imperialism support from the US and other Western evangelicals. This is a most painful betrayal of the working class and a crime of conscience and Party ideology.
  2. Besides crimes of conscience and principle, Mghanga and Wachira used fraudulent means to join KKA. The duo fabricated resolutions of the 2019 congress where they assigned themselves unfettered and unilateral powers to get into dealings, such as the KKA coalition, with total disregard to the party practices and procedures. Their dishonesty can also be traced to the Register of Political Parties, where they fabricated party documents, including minutes for filling with the Registrar.
  3. By their actions, Mghanga and Wachira have proven to be agents of imperialist powers and dictators. They imposed a minority will that ignored revolutionary democracy and went against the party guidelines regarding the 2022 elections alliances. This cost the Party seats in the just concluded elections.
  4. Following the revelations of fabricated documents and other integrity issues, the Party audited Benedict Wachira’s activities. Wachira, who worked as a full-time party official and collected a stipend from the Party, invited suspicions because his lifestyle seemed higher than his means. The audit determined he diverted the Party’s money for personal use. For example, he started a personal house project in Ruai.
  5. Outside the financial misconduct, Wachira’s conduct also raised red flags when female employees at the Party complained of his date-dump-and-fire dealings. While the Party does not believe in the bourgeois morality of puritan conduct, it draws the line when a top official uses his position to sexually exploit then fire female employees and members of the Party.

The Party’s majority revolutionary arm wishes to distance itself from Wachira and Mghanga. Our struggle continues as we fight to create a stable home for the Leftists and Progressives who were swept aside in the power struggle. We will update the public and the Party of any changes or progress on this issue.



Comrade Sefu Sanni                         

Interim Secretary General

Acting Spokesperson.

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