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This year, 2021, marks a hundred years since the founding of the great Communist Party of China (CPC).

In the name of Socialist Internationalism, the Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) takes this opportunity to extend this message of congratulations, friendship and revolutionary solidarity to the leadership and membership of CPC as you commemorate the long and rich history of your Party that led the people of China to liberate themselves and nation from feudalism, brutal Japanese colonialism and imperialism led by the United States of America.

Through the leadership of CPC, China has succeeded to make immense economic, cultural, scientific, technological, diplomatic and military achievements that have transformed your Country from a poor, hungry, underdeveloped, colonial, imperialist dominated and exploited Country into a World superpower in all fronts.

In Africa, we do not forget the moral and material support that was provided by CPC and China in the anti-colonial, anti-apartheid and anti-imperialist national liberation struggles that led to the independence of our nations. Thanks to CPC and China, imperialism is today impeded from imposing a unipolar World of driving developing countries deeper and deeper in the quagmire of imperialist economic, political, ideological, diplomatic and military slavery.

The CPC led China continues to play one of the significant deterrent roles against the predatory tendencies of the USA and its imperialist allies in their planned destruction of Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and other countries that it regards as its enemies. CPK also recognises the contribution of China under the guidance of CPC in the economic and infrastructural development of Kenya and African countries.

In the course of the hundred years of its dynamic life, CPC has made significant contributions to the development of the theory and ideology of communism and the fight for national liberation. As we build our Party, we benefit from the ideological works of the leaders of CPC, from those of Chairman Mao Tse Tung and others. We learn how CPC creatively applied Marxism-Leninism to deal with specific problems of China under specific historical and material circumstances until the triumph of the socialist revolution in 1949. It is this creative application of socialism that CPC continues to apply that enables China to continue developing the largest nation of the World and to progressively deal with current emerging national and global issues and problems. We single out the invaluable role and contribution of China in the fight against the Covid-19 World pandemic.

CPK is proud of the good relations between the governments and peoples of Kenya and China that have led to the growth of trade, economic, cultural and diplomatic relations. When Kenya was under British colonialism, publications of the CPC - Peking Publications - were banned in our Country. Even after independence, the revolutionary publications continued to be proscribed to prevent the Kenyan masses from accessing the liberating socialist ideology propagated by CPC. Many Kenyans were arrested, tortured, detained, and imprisoned for being in possession of CPC publications that were regarded as dangerous sedition by the ruling regimes. It wasn’t until 1997 that the legal reforms brought about by the struggle of the Kenyan masses removed the most reactionary clauses in the national laws that banned the CPC publications in the Country.

We note that different Kenyan political parties of various ideological orientations have relations with CPC. CPK hopes that this development will help to expose Kenyan leaders and politicians to progressive and anti-imperialist ideas.

Finally, CPK which is a registered political party in accordance with the laws of Kenya, is committed towards establishing fraternal relations with CPC in the name of Socialist Internationalism, world peace and anti-imperialist solidarity and for mutual benefit of our parties. While doing so we will continue to expose and condemn the anti-China propaganda being published by imperialism in Kenya and the World.

Hongera sana CPC kwa kuadhimisha miaka mia moja ya mapinduzi.


Long live CPC!

Long live good relations between Kenya and China!

Long live socialist Internationalism!

Long live socialism!


Mwandawiro Mghanga, National Chairperson of Communist Party of Kenya

April 22, 2021

03 Aug 2021 09:26

The Speech delivered by Comrade Ajiambo Joyce Ashlyn, in the Congress of the Socialist Movement of Ghana held in Winneba, Central Region- Ghana from the 30th of July to the 3rd of August 2021.   A VICTORY TOWARDS VICTORY Comrades, I bring revolutionary greetings from the leadership of the Communist Party of Kenya. Today is a special day not only in Ghana but in Africa at large. It is a special day in the sense that we stand here today. In the land of our beloved Kwame Nkrumah to echo the voices of victory towards victory that are resounding in Africa. Dear comrades, I stand to convey our [ ... ]

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The Voi Declaration, Organising Kenyans for action towards the 4th Liberation - ...
19 Jul 2021 09:58

Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) Shirikisho Party,KADU Asili, Umoja Summit Party and Republican Congress Party together with CIDI movement have jointly declared: 1. That as the political parties based in the coastal region of Kenya, we will continue to meet and work together to inspire the citizens of the region to fight for the political and economic rights of the coastal people and Kenyans at large who are being exploited, oppressed and fleeced to the last drop of blood.   2. That the coalition we are working to build is not founded on a tribal basis or the exclusion of other Kenyans but t [ ... ]

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13 Jul 2021 16:24

The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) and Kenya Cuba Friendship Society (KCFS) condemns in the strongest terms the ongoing attempts by US sponsored individuals who are attempting to stir discontent and destabilisation in Cuba, in a continuation of hostilities against the island nation since its proclamation of the socialist revolution in 1959. It must be recalled that in his final days, the former US President Donald Trump introduced a raft of additional restrictions against Cuba as a continuation of the murderous Blockade on Cuba. This was done right in the middle of a global pandem [ ... ]

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The BBI sympathizers and their bosses brace themselves for more humiliation.
17 May 2021 18:03

The BBI orphans are taking their debacle to the Court of Appeal. They have a right to do so. After all, those who have lost a beloved one spend a period of mourning before they accept the reality of death. BBI is as dead as a doornail. But let us allow the orphans and relatives of the departed one to mourn their way to court for the Constitution they attempted to amend illegally allows them this right. BBI has lost in the court of public opinion, and if they dare corrupt their way to a referendum, they can only face more humiliation by being outvoted. The Communist Party of Kenya reaffirms th [ ... ]

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