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North Korea is a subject of international debate. Most of the debates on the far east country are however clouded by view of the country that has been created by US government propaganda.

In a bid to provide our readers with a different view of North Korea, ITIKADI spoke to the Communist Party of Kenya Vice-Chairperson, Booker Ngesa Omole, who is also a member of Songun Study in Kenya.


Q: What is the position of the Communist Party of Kenya regarding North Korea?

A: Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) is a beacon of hope for all the oppressed and exploited people of the world. DPRK is the pillar of our anti-imperialist struggles. The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) and the Kenyan people have always been friends of the people of North Korea. The African people understand the pain of colonialism, neo-colonialism, and now imperialism. We know who our friends are, imperialism continues to cause untold suffering in Africa, and no amount of Western propaganda and outright lies can prevail over the truth. Some bad-mouth the Korean socialist project and we understand where they are coming from. The remnants of colonialism are still evident and making some people more gullible to believing European and American notions of things. In Europe and North America, conditioned masses, have stubbornly refused to comprehend the reasons why the Empire has made the people of North Korea suffer so terribly for years. American based cable TV channels like CNN have conditioned the thinking of some of our people. The Communist Party of Kenya, among other revolutionary organizations, has been at the forefront to rebut this well-choreographed western propaganda. The alternative anti-imperialist media like TeleSur, Press TV, RT has provided the hardware to lead this war. Social media is another avenue that has been instrumental in our anti-imperialism agenda.

Q: In the West, there are a lot of talks about the future of Africa -North Korea relations; there are also several commentaries mainly from African left intellectuals on the Korean socialist project. Where is the communist party in this?

A: Like I already mentioned, the global south, from Latin America to Africa know that imperialism is a threat to humanity, they continue to be sacrificed for the benefit of a few multinationals, their lives have been ruined and devastated in defense for profits. So, when the African people see North Korea standing tall against imperialism, they have no choice but to support them and share in their struggles and pain. Just like Cuba, DPRK has a history with the African people, the people of North Korea have shed blood-fighting for the liberation of Africa. Like Cuba, North Korea dared to step on the toes of Western colonialism and imperialism. Sacrificing its sons and daughters, DPRK helped to liberate many African countries, and it helped the most progressive forces on the most plundered and devastated continent, the ‘dark’continent of Africa.

This humiliation is one thing that the West never forgives. It lives off the unbridled plunder of all continents; it mainly thrives by looting its colonies. Those countries that assisted the liberation struggles, those nations that fought for the freedom of the colonized world, Cuba, China, the USSR, and the DPRK, these countries were designated by Western ideologues as the most dangerous and evil places on Earth. That is how western propaganda works.

Q: On the colonial equation of the African people, what role did North Koreans play?

A: North Korea has always been Africa's true friend. For a clearer picture of the North Korea’s friendship I will quote the reflections on Communist Party of Kenya Chairperson, Mwandawiro Mghanga, as follows; “When the whole of the African continent was under Western colonialism, Korea, under the revolutionary leadership of comrade Kim Il Sung was fighting Japanese colonialism and showing solidarity with Africa at the same time. After DPRK, the name of socialist internationalism increased its moral, military, and other material support to African countries in their struggle for liberation from colonialism, imperialism, and apartheid. Immediately after independence from colonialism in the 1960s, thousands of Africans, including Kenyans, received free higher, technical, and specialized education in the DPRK. DPRK not only offered arms, finance, and other material solidarity to Namibia, South Africa, Angola and Mozambique in the war against apartheid and imperialism, but it also actually sent internationalist revolutionaries to Africa to fight side by side with Africans for Africa. DPRK fought with Egypt and Africa during the 1967 war against the brutal Zionist regime of Israel supported by the Western countries. Today DPRK is together with African countries in demand for a new just international order. In this DPRK is blamed by imperialism and imperialist puppet regimes for being in the forefront and showing by example that a new just international order cannot be but anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, it must be socialist” .

DPRK also took part in the liberation struggle in Angola, and it fought in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Lesotho, and Namibia and Seychelles. It aided the African National Congress and its epic struggle to liberate South Africa from apartheid. In the past, it had supported the then progressive African nations, including Guinea, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Mali, and Tanzania.

Q: The United States and her western allies have pursued the policy of sanctions in a way to try and isolate Pyongyang and suffocate her to give up her socialist project; in your opinion, has this been a success?

A: The communist party of Kenya has always joined the world in condemning these illegal suctions and financial blockades against any sovereign country. These unlawful sanctions, from Venezuela, Cuba, DPRK are an act of provocation and a declaration of war; you cannot just starve people to death because they have a different way of thinking. When you do that, you must deal with the consequences.  We need to call on the USA to respect international law. All these sanctions instigated by the imperialist countries and legalized by the United Nations has never achieved anything except the untold suffering of the ordinary people.

No country has chosen a socialist path and advanced that path undisturbed by imperialist countries; look at Cuba, Venezuela now, and Bolivia. The USA starts with sanctions and financial blockades, after imposing sanctions and isolating these countries economically, then they unleash lethal propaganda machinery. It is when these economies start to crumble as a result of these sanctions that they begin to document the so-called failures of socialism.  They cleverly do not mention the effects of the sanctions; some people foolishly believe the lies for a moment. Once they win the debate of public opinion by lies, then they move in to bomb these countries, killing innocent people in the name of salvation from socialism, what follows is looting the nation’s natural resources. It is the same script.  If socialism was failing, why not just let it be, why accelerate its failure with illegal sanctions.

DPRK is only telling the world that they are prepared and willing to defend those ideas that they continue to pay a huge price for. The people of North Korea want self-reliance. They want the freedom of thought; they want to continue to build their country by implementing Juche socialism. In short, they don't want to be dogs of the USA empire.

It is the West that should be suffering from the most stringent sanctions imaginable, not DPRK. It is the West, that has murdered millions of human beings, throughout history. It is the West that colonized, plundered, raped, and enslaved people in all corners of the planet. What moral mandate does it have to propose and impose sanctions against anyone?

Q: The world faces a threat of nuclear thermal war, what is your take on the Pyongyang nuclear program?

A: Is North Korea the only source of nuclear threat to the world, as portrayed by the mainstream media? No,  the West is a nuclear oligopoly. North Korea's sin is that it refuses to surrender, to fall on its knees, to sacrifice its people. It refuses to become a slave. It is natural that if North Korea is attacked, it will have to hit back, that is the only way the West will get the message clear. Now the USA imperialist army has been slaughtering kids and women away from home, but if they dare start any war in the  Korean Peninsula, they will have to collect dozens of corpses in their soil. Unlike the imperialist regime in Washington, the North Koreans respect the sanctity of life, but when your life is under a real threat, then you have to defend it. Those hypocritical nuclear talks started by Trump administration were bound to fail. How is it possible that Trump wanted peace with North Korea while he is not only openly provoking Iran to war but funding criminals in Caracas and attacking China.

The nuclear program in Pyongyang is only to deter the imperialist aggressors from attacking the people of North Korea. If DPRK did not have a strong people's defense force, they would not be standing today. Look at Chile; the West murdered the revolutionary socialist leader, Salvador Allende. In Bolivia, they are leading a blood bath after they organized a coup against President Evo Morales. In Libya, the Obama administration murdered Muammar Gadaffi, now Libya is the hub of slavery, human trafficking, and children savagery. With all these happening DPRK must continue to build on their defense arsenal.

Q: The communist party of Kenya has talked on several occasions against the imperialist military bases in Africa, how does this tie to the USA foreign policy in Asia?

A: The US foreign policy is on an all-time low; they only know how to make wars; it is a foreign policy of plunder. The war excursions in the Korean Peninsula is another course of instability. The USA military bases in Seoul, Japan, and in the entire pacific. These war drums are right at the doorstep of the North Korean people. The USA empire has gone rogue; they are increasing their nuclear arsenal; they are willing to nuke anywhere anyhow. They want to maintain their hegemony; to further imperialism at any human cost. The Washington warmongers are crazy; they do not even hide anything these days; they have run out of tact to cover their evil.

Suppose you look back at history, the Korean war. Many Korean got sacrificed at the altar of useless imperialist wars. The US crimes are all written with blood in the globe from Aleppo in Syria to West bank in Palestine, from Caracas to Mogadishu. The US has always militarily threatened any country that has chosen an alternative path to development away from the market economy. The story is always be our puppet, or we will bomb you into submission. In such circumstances, DPRK has a right to develop and own nuclear warheads; that's the language the Empire understands. During the Korean war, the imperialist aggressor suffered a humiliation against the heroic people of North Korea, the USA has never forgotten or even willing to forgive the people of North Korea.

The USA is hellbent to have a regime change in North Korea; they want to install a puppet in the name of a leader. They want to introduce a market economy; they want to feed the Korean people with junk from McDonald's and make them pay for it. That is what the heroic Korean people have been resisting. DPRK has never attacked anybody, Venezuela has never attacked anybody. It is the USA that deserves sanctions; it is them that need to stop their nuclear program. The world is under threat from western imperialism; if you look at the conservative estimates of the global nuclear warheads, you can see where the real danger is.

The US Federation of Science (FAS) estimates that in 2017 North Korea has "fissile material to potentially produce 10 to 20 nuclear warheads", even if it is strongly suspected that none can be considered ready for launch. The US possesses 6,800 nuclear heads. The French and British (respectively 300 and 215 respectively) included, NATO's nuclear forces have 7,315 nuclear warheads, of which 2,200 are ready to launch, compared to 7,000 held by the Russians, of which 1,950 are ready to launch. With Chinese (270), Pakistani (120-130), Indian (110-120) and Israeli (80), the total number of nuclear warheads is estimated to be around 15,000 by default.

The United Nations adopted the relevant Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in July; this Treaty is ignored by all nuclear powers, including members of NATO. So, where does the West get the morality to lecture the world about peace?

Q: You mentioned that the Communist Party of Kenya is an internationalist organization. Please elaborate?

A: Yes, the Communist Party of Kenya headquarters in Nairobi is a solidarity house. It is the home of the Songun study; it's the home Kenya -Venezuela solidarity committee, it's the home of the Kenya Cuba Friendship society, it's the residence of the Kenya-Western Sahara solidarity, it is home of the friends of Palestine. It is the symbol of anti-imperialism in this part of the world. North Korean internationalism is legendary, just as Cuban internationalism is. The communist party is leading this anti-imperialist war in this part of Africa, and we are not ashamed to associate ourselves with the Songun Socialist project in North Korea. 









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