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~The Kenyan ruling class led by the handshake government in power today has run out of ideas of cheating Kenyans who are daily oppressed and exploited by their bankrupt system that only pushes the country deeper and deeper into political, economic and social crisis.
Everyday everywhere they sing about corruption yet they do nothing to take the culprits into prison or confiscate their wealth earned through corruption. The very word corruption is now used to hide the crimes committed by members of the ruling class. When millionaires steal billions they are arrested by the anti-corruption police, charged with corruption, given bail and their cases made to drag on until in many cases the criminals go free. Yet the ruling class in power continues chanting platitudes about fighting corruption.
On the other hand, when persons from the class of the poor steal, rob or commit fraud they are immediately arrested and put into custody and charged with the real crimes of theft, robbery, fraud and are sooner or later committed into prison. So the world corruption is being used to hide the theft, robbery and fraud committed by the ruling class and to give the impression that the government in power is committed to the war against the gross violations of public property involving billions or even trillions. 
But what is the root cause of this crime baptised as corruption by the ruling class in power in Kenya today? And is the ruling class capable of ending the crime? The answer is No! The ruling class of Kenya has neither the will nor the ability to end corruption. This is because the root cause of corruption is the capitalist system that dominates Kenyan economics, politics, culture, morality and psychology today. 
It is the system that encourages primitive accumulation of land, wealth and capital, where individuals and families accumulate thousands and thousands of acres of land which they don't need while there are millions of Kenyans who are landless and need the land for their survival and development. In this system of exploitation of person by person based on greed, individual families are proud to own billions and trillions which they are proud to display while millions of people wallow in poverty in urban areas or live a poor life in primitive lifestyles in the country. In this capitalist system people are actually starving and dying of hunger while the class in power politics about handshake and pushes the country deeper and deeper into foreign debt.
The rulers keep on parroting everyday about fighting corruption to deliberately cover their crimes. But the question is, who in the ruling class is not corrupt? Isn't the capitalist system based on exploitation of person by person not corruption? Isn’t robbing public property by the rich for the rich by privatising air and water ports, sugar industries, state parastatals etc. not corruption? Isn’t privatising essential services such schools, health facilities and housing and denying them to the poor while increasing the divide between the few rich and the majority poor not corruption? Isn’t teaching young persons to aspire for corrupt life styles and values of acquiring money at all costs rather than values of hard work, good morals and changing our country for the better based on communist values not corruption?
To the Kenyan ruling class today, the fight against corruption is just a song,
lie, platitude, drama and open impunity. How are people who are part and parcel of corruption be expected to lead the war against corruption successfully? What I am saying is that the fight against corruption in Kenya must be fought side by side with the fight against the capitalist system. CPK recognizes that corruption is ultimately the baby of capitalism and therefore to kill it we must target the mother, the capitalist system. We expose the lies of the ruling class in power that has neither the will nor the ability to remove the corruption monster. The building and strengthening of CPK and communist ideology in Kenya is the reliable and genuine path towards rooting out corruption in Kenya and elsewhere. Happy Easter comrades!~


12 Aug 2020 03:16

  ntroduction: CPK and United Front Even while building CPK and as part and parcel of building CPK, our party should with immediate effect, play a proactive role in the issue of organizing a United Front. It should be at the vanguard of creating such a coalition or alliance or a United Front. CPK is a vanguard and mass party, and therefore creating or participating in a United Front is one of the methods of mass recruitment and mobilization, mobilizing the masses, and popular forces of Kenya for power.   Subject to the content or the aim and objectives of the perceived United Front, it  [ ... ]

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21 Mar 2020 08:05

  Following the public health prevention and protection measures against the spread of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) that the Government announced on 15th March 2020, the Secretary General of the Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) suspended major Party affairs including the sub-county and study circle meetings across the Country for the recommended 14 days. During pandemics and crisis of such magnitude, it is the working class and masses that suffer the most. This suffering is not accidental; it is because the capitalist system is designed that way. The CPK recognises the ongoing efforts by the  [ ... ]

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23 Feb 2020 06:37

  The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) calls on all Kenyans to reject Building Bridges Initiative (BBI). BBI is a fraud and a political gimmick calculated by the corrupt ruling elites so that they can maintain their neo-colonial capitalist system in power through the 2022 national elections which will be dominated by tribalism, corruption, false hope, and propaganda. It has nothing to do with perpetuating the interests of the majority of Kenyans. It also has nothing to do with peaceful elections, national development, or the eradication of the system of exploitation and oppression of person by [ ... ]

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Of Immigration, Neoliberal Globalisation, Mtumbaism & the Struggle for a Just, P...
11 Sep 2019 13:24

(The following essay was written several years ago by Comrade Mwandawiro Mghanga, when he was a postgraduate student at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Ultuna, Sweden. He reproduced it in 2015 and he has reproduced it again today in the context of the ongoing discussion and concern about the cases of growing xenophobia in the World and especially recently in South Africa. Mwandawiro Mghanga is the National Chairperson of Communist Party of Kenya (CPK).)     rt I. Neoliberal Globalisation, Immigration and Immigrants - The Reality and Consequence of Growing Poverty amids [ ... ]

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