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In a historic triumph at the 23rd International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties (IMCWP) in Ismir, Turkey, from October 20-22, 2023, the Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) secured its place in the ranks of SolidNet. This pivotal decision amplifies CPK's unyielding dedication to dismantling imperialist strongholds and solidifies its role as a staunch defender of the majority against the minority.

As the Head of the Propaganda Department of the Central Organizing Committee (COC) of CPK, I proudly announce our forthcoming participation in the 2024 IMCWP in Lebanon. This joint venture symbolizes CPK's commitment to the consistent line of internationalism and its profound understanding of the urgency to unite anti-imperialist forces at the national, continental, and global levels.

Under the banner of IMCWP, CPK positions itself as a vanguard force, challenging the neoliberal globalization that perpetuates the exploitation of the global south. Our membership is not merely symbolic; it is a strategic move to fortify alliances and foster mutual understanding among communist and workers' parties worldwide.

The convergence of IMCWP and CPK in Lebanon marks the birth of a formidable alliance, resolute in constructing a new humane society grounded in international socialism. This is a clarion call to action, as CPK pledges to stand side by side with comrades, dismantling the chains of imperialist interference and forging a path towards justice, equality, and solidarity.

In the crucible of struggle, the partnership between IMCWP and CPK emerges as a beacon of hope, radiating the collective strength needed to challenge imperialist hegemony. Let this alliance echo across borders, inspiring the international community to rally against oppression. IMCWP and CPK, united in purpose, are poised to script a new chapter in the annals of revolutionary solidarity.


In solidarity,

George Kirowe 

Head of the Propaganda Department

Central Organizing Committee (COC)

Communist Party of Kenya

Zionist brutality continues the war of extermination
15 Feb 2024 07:51

In a terrible challenge to the whole world with its institutions, laws and principles and to the will of its peoples who rose up against barbarism, Nazi-Zionism continues its war of extermination and liquidation against the Palestinian people, as it went to attack the city of Rafah, which is home to about a million and a half unarmed civilians, in order to impose the option of displacement, which the enemy has so far failed to force the people of Jabbarin on. All this is done with the direct participation of US imperialism, the silence of all imperialists without exception, and the complicity  [ ... ]

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Valentine’s Day: Capitalism's Love Scam
13 Feb 2024 19:27

As we approach Valentine’s Day, it’s crucial to unveil the capitalist charade behind this supposed celebration of love. Karl Marx's Allegory of the Opium of the Masses rings truer than ever in the context of this commercialised hellscape. Love, a profound human emotion, reduced to a price tag. How absurd that we measure affection by the amount of money spent on flowers, chocolates, and jewellery! Behind the scenes, marketers orchestrate elaborate schemes to manipulate our desires. They capitalise on our vulnerabilities, creating artificial needs and selling us the illusion of fulfilment  [ ... ]

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CPK Applauds High Court Ruling Against Kenyan Police Deployment in Haiti
29 Jan 2024 08:36

The International Department of the Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of Kenya (CPK Majority) issues this statement in staunch solidarity with today's High Court ruling in Nairobi, declaring the deployment of National Police Services (NPS) officers to Haiti as unconstitutional. Judge Chacha Mwita's articulate decision represents a crucial victory for constitutional principles and sovereignty. The acknowledgment that the National Security Council and NPS lack authority to deploy police beyond Kenya underscores the imperative of upholding the constitutional framework governing [ ... ]

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Resisting Neoliberal Chains, Embracing Socialist Unity: Unveiling African-Cuban ...
16 Jan 2024 10:17

Comrades and esteemed participants of the 7th Africa-Cuba Solidarity Conference, Revolutionary Greetings from the people of Kenya, the Kenya -Cuba Committee and the Communist Party of Kenya. In this intervention, we shall delve into the intricate tapestry of African-Cuban solidarity, weaving together historical threads, contemporary manifestations, and the urgent call for collective action against imperialist forces. I. Historical Roots of Solidarity: A Shared Struggle Against Colonialism and Apartheid Our journey begins in the mid-20th century when Africa and Cuba found themselves entwined [ ... ]

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