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By Booker Ngesa Omole


The 13th World Socialism Forum, convened in Beijing from 28th to 30th November 2023, captured widespread global attention, drawing over 250 participants, including Marxist thinkers, political scientists, social scientists, and intellectuals from diverse backgrounds. The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) actively participated in this dynamic exchange of ideas, contributing significantly to the overarching theme, "Building a Community with a Shared Future for Humanity and the Development of World Socialism." This article delves into the global resonance of the forum, incorporating diverse perspectives.


The event was hosted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and the forum gathered over 80 foreign Communist Party leaders, Marxist researchers, and diplomatic envoys from 37 countries. The vision of creating a global community with a shared future, championed by China, received widespread support and appreciation.


Organised by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the event marked one of China's initiatives to intensify the exchange of ideas and dialogue with Marxist intellectuals worldwide. With over half of the participants representing approximately 100 countries, the forum truly showcased its global nature.


International representatives, including José Luis Centella of the Communist Party of Spain, Md. Shah Alam of the Communist Party of Bangladesh, Mbita Chitala of the Zambian Socialist Party, Norman Shushu of the South Africa Communist Party, Thürmer Gyula of the Hungarian Workers' Party, Alberto Lombardo of the Communist Party (Italy), Blaise Tulo of the Socialist Movement of Ghana offered perspectives on China's initiatives. They recognised the importance of fostering a shared future for humanity and commended China's stabilising and peaceful role on the global stage.


The central theme, "Building a Community of Shared Future for Humanity and the Development of World Socialism," aligns with the vision set forth by Xi Jinping, the President of the People's Republic of China and the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China. The concept of a shared future, incorporated into official documents of the CPC and the government, resonates as a guiding principle for global governance. Gao Xiang, the president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, emphasised that this vision underscores China's dedication to defending humanity and steering away from the path of self-destruction.


Addressing Marxist intellectuals and progressive parties worldwide, Gao appealed for international support for the vision of a shared future for humanity. He also highlighted Xi Jinping's contributions, including the three initiatives on global development, global security, and global civilisation.


Communist Party of Kenya Perspective

Active participation in the 13th World Socialism Forum in Beijing from November 28 to 30, 2023, marked a pivotal moment in my role as the National Vice Chairperson of the Communist Party of Kenya (CPK). During the forum, I took an active part in discussions, presenting insightful perspectives on critical issues such as China-Africa relations, imperialist wars, and humanitarian crises. These deliberations echoed the CPK's unwavering commitment to countering ruling-class propaganda and acknowledging China's indispensable role in addressing global challenges.


This engagement represented a significant stride for the CPK in advancing international solidarity and collaboration. The party's enthusiastic participation in the forum's themes and its substantive contributions to discussions not only demonstrated our dedication to the principles of socialism but also underscored our commitment to shaping a shared future for humanity.


Moreover, the event served as a platform to build upon the momentum generated by the Dilemmas of Humanity Conference in Africa. It reinforced the urgency of constructing an alternative world capable of rescuing humanity from persistent global challenges, ranging from conflicts in Europe to the rise of fascism and systemic crises. The old order is rapidly deteriorating, necessitating our collective efforts to forge a new Socialist path forward.


Inspired by Xi Jinping's bold attempt to centralize Marxism in global modernization, this conference played an important role in inspiring the formation of a global proletariat vanguard. It highlighted the necessity of perfecting concrete programs and fostering unwavering confidence in our ability to achieve unity, especially in the absence of a global vanguard of the working class.


The discussions at the forum were instrumental in addressing fundamental global issues and challenging the impositions of the empire. Witnessing the daily strides of the Chinese socialist experiment, we found answers to the question of whether another world is possible.


The urgent task at hand was the collective struggle for unity among the global left to counter the propaganda of the ruling class from the northern hemisphere. Key topics of discussion included China-Africa relations, imperialist wars like the NATO proxy war in Ukraine, and the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza. This conference provided us with positions and insights to advance our shared goals.


CPK’s presence at the 13th World Socialism Forum signified our active participation in a global movement rewriting the future—one where socialism, cooperation, and justice prevailed. Together, we could build a world that truly represented a shared future for all of humanity.


International Perspectives

Acknowledging the significance of China's proposed initiatives, including the Belt and Road Initiative, the Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative, and the Global Civilization Initiative, José Luis Centella, President of the Communist Party of Spain, emphasised their potential to contribute to building a better international community.


Md. Shah Alam, Chairman of the Communist Party of Bangladesh, commended China's commitment to the right course of economic globalization, striving to benefit people and mankind through its remarkable progress and development of science and technology. He noted that China's initiatives hold the promise of liberating developing countries from world economic and political pressure.


Thürmer Gyula, President of the Hungarian Workers' Party, stressed the need for a deep study of the experience of Chinese communists, highlighting China's commitment to the path of peaceful development. He suggested that the ultimate goal of China's development is to better the Chinese people's lives and contribute to world peace and human progress.


Alberto Lombardo, General Secretary of the Communist Party (Italy), praised China's stabilising and peaceful role throughout the world. He specifically acknowledged the far-sighted policy of the Chinese leadership in projecting stability and progress globally, especially during challenging times. The Argentine delegation, including Rubén Guzzetti, Atilio Borón, Marcelo Rodríguez, Sergio Ortíz, and Irina Santiesteban, actively contributed to this international dialogue.


Russia's Communist Party (KPRF) sees President Xi Jinping's Global Civilization Initiative as a new impetus for advancing the "One Belt, One Road" project. This initiative is seen as a robust ideological foundation for enhancing cooperation between countries for the common good and mutual benefit. KPRF in their presentation believes that Xi Jinping's initiative on global civilization will contribute to improving the international situation, activating business and humanitarian contacts, and facilitating the resolution of global problems, of which there are still many.


Addressing the increasing aggression of the United States, Gennady Zyuganov, Chairman of the Central Committee of the CPRF, noted the deployment of a new military bloc, AUKUS, and other alliances. He criticized the distortion of the history of World War II, the removal of monuments to anti-Nazi fighters in Europe, and the ignorance of the decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal. As the 13th World Socialism Forum unfolds, Booker Ngesa Omole and the CPK look forward to further collaborations and the advancement of socialist ideals on the global stage.


The World Socialism Forum Collective Highlights

Communist Parties present expressed admiration for the significant contribution of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to world socialism. The achievements of socialism in the 20th and 21st centuries were acknowledged, with confidence in the CPC's leadership to lead to successful outcomes. The importance of presenting an appealing vision of the future to win the battle for socialism was affirmed, with communist parties ready to contribute to this global struggle.


Addressing the deepening capitalist crises, the meeting asserted that reactionary tendencies are on the rise but are ultimately heading toward a dead-end. The importance of a socialist alternative was emphasised, with the working class, other labour layers, and committed patriots being identified as driving forces in the fight against imperialism, militarism, and neocolonialism for lasting peace and justice.


The presenters praised China's exceptional progress in overcoming global challenges, particularly in eradicating poverty, positioning it as a beacon of success. The meeting underscored the intertwined nature of humanity's problems with the deepening crisis of capitalism, echoing Lenin's theory of imperialism and reinforcing the idea that socialism provides a compelling answer to modern challenges.


China's experience in the face of the global crisis was commended, with the meeting stressing that the Chinese model is becoming increasingly universal. While China does not impose its development path on other nations, the meeting recognised the CPC's policy of non-interference and urged studying the reasons behind China's rapid development for valuable lessons.


Delegates highlighted the role of Marxist theory in guiding China's success, emphasising the commitment to theoretical development and adaptation to new realities as key factors behind the CPC's accomplishments. The concept of modernisation in the Chinese context was portrayed as a long-term process linked to global progress, with the CPC emphasising progress together with other nations, not at their expense.


China's cooperative stance was articulated as a fundamental principle: "Global cooperation yields more than global exploitation — benefitting all peoples without exception." The meeting emphasised China's proposal for cooperation and friendship among nations, rejecting aggression and standing firmly on the side of progress.


Xi Jinping's proposal of a global civilisation was presented as a guiding force for nations worldwide, encouraging joint and sustainable development. The meeting observed that socialism's humanism manifests fully in China's actions, rejecting war, aggression, and standing firmly on the side of progress.


Acknowledging the uncertainties, turbulence, conflicts, and deficits in peace, development, security, and governance in the contemporary world, the forum advocated for collective efforts to confront these challenges. The continuing relevance of Marxism in constructing socialism towards communism was affirmed.


The meeting emphasised that Xi Jinping's thought, grounded in the governance of one of the world's major powers by a robust Communist Party, exemplifies the superiority of socialism. This belief requires continuous development of socialist theory in line with the contemporary era.


The forum provided an invaluable platform for insightful discussions, reflecting China's influential role in advancing scientific socialism for human progress. The majority of speakers highlighted that China's vision showcases wisdom in global governance and a determination to work towards a world that is equal, open, and peaceful. This initiative seamlessly integrates the fundamental principles of Marxism with the essence of traditional Chinese culture, demonstrating a dedicated commitment to the common interests and well-being of all humankind.


In conclusion, the robust articulation of the delegates underscores the profound impact of China's socialist model on global dynamics. The forum served not only as a platform for dialogue but also as a testament to the enduring relevance of socialist ideologies in addressing the complex challenges of our time. Stay tuned for further insights into Russia's perspective on specific topics discussed at the forum.


Long live the Communist Party of Kenya!

Long live the Communist Party of China!

Long live socialism!

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