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Today, as we commemorate the 97th birthday of the Cuban revolutionary leader, Commandante Fidel Castro Cruz, we gather to honour his memory with unity and determination. The Cuban embassy in Nairobi becomes a sanctuary for friends of the Cuban revolution, as we come together to plant 97 trees in Ngong Forest. This gesture isn't just symbolic; it's a testament to the enduring spirit of the southern hemisphere hero, a friend to the global working class, the dispossessed, and the oppressed.


Dignitaries United for a Cause: A Strong Display of Solidarity


As we convene for this occasion, dignitaries who share our commitment to liberation grace the celebrations. The Ambassador, His Excellency Juan Manuel Rodrignez, and the Third Secretary of the Cuban Embassy, Edisleydi Curbelo Garcia, lead the festivities. Notably, a representative from the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Josephat Maikara, Secretary of Foreign Service Administration, along with the Deputy Ambassador of Venezuela, His Exellency Cesar and his wife Ainarù, join us. His Excellency Silvio Albuquerque, the Brazilian Ambassador to Nairobi, honours us with his presence. The Communist Party of Kenya and the Kenya Cuba Solidarity Committee are represented by Comrade Grace Nyingi, Booker Ngesa Omole, and the Young Emmanuel Nyingi, united in our shared cause.


Unyielding Bonds: Cuba and Africa's Shared Struggle


Under the banner of solidarity, Cuba has been a true ally to Africa, with Cuban internationalists shedding their blood on African soil during the pivotal African Liberation War. The triumph at Cuito Cuanavale dealt a lasting blow to the chains of racist apartheid, ultimately freeing Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, and South Africa. This victory directly challenged the supremacy of the USA's dominion, which had supported the appalling genocide in South Africa.


Forging a New Humanity: Cuba's Underrated Triumphs


Amidst the Cuban revolution's achievements in genetic engineering, medicine, and education, lies a hidden triumph: the creation of a new breed of human beings, ready to assume roles at the national, continental, and global levels. The Cuban people embody the essence of humanity in its purest form.


Condemning Imperial Aggression: Standing Firm Against US Policies


As we gather to celebrate, we must also condemn the unrelenting anti-people agenda perpetuated by the United States government against the Cuban people. The Washington war machine repeatedly attempted to assassinate Fidel Castro, hoping to reverse the course of the Cuban revolution. Yet, these attempts failed. The US administration's sponsorship of terrorism against Cuba and its occupation of Cuban territory cannot go unnoticed. We demand the immediate return of Guantanamo Bay to the Cuban people and the removal of Cuba from any slanderous terrorism lists.


A Beacon of Hope: Cuba's Defiance and Resilience


Despite the wounds inflicted by the decaying empire of the USA, Cuba persists, limping towards an inevitable victory. Cuba remains a beacon of hope for the oppressed across the world, a staunch pillar of anti-imperialism. With Cuba standing tall, paying the price for all of humanity, our spirits soar as we acknowledge the conquerable nature of imperialism.


A Tribute to Humanity: Cuban International Doctors' Courage


At this moment, we extend our gratitude to the Cuban international doctors brigade, who work under the harshest conditions in Kenya, saving the lives of the poorest in the remotest corners of the nation. We remember the two Cuban doctors held captive by Al-Shabaab and call for their immediate release, saluting their courage and dedication.


Solidarity Prevails: Unity in the Face of Adversity


The Communist Party of Kenya and the National Kenyan Standing Solidarity Committee stand united, extending unwavering friendship and solidarity to the brave Cuban people. The inevitable decline of the USA's dominance presents a choice: to fall in humiliation or to renounce aggression and build bridges for the progress of humanity.


Embracing Multipolarity: A Call for Unity


As advocates of multipolarity and supporters of BRICS, we urge President Ruto's administration to seize the moment and pursue Kenya's inclusion in BRICS. This step offers a practical route toward an alternative financial architecture, freeing us from the parasitic grip of dollar domination that enslaves the global south.


A World Uniting Against Aggression: A Call for Peace


On this 97th celebration of Fidel Castro's legacy, we must denounce the war games threatening China's integrity and the NATO proxy aggression against Russia in Ukraine. We stand firm against these acts, fostering unity against aggression.


The Path to Revolution: Fidel's Legacy Lives On


Fidel's life stands as proof that revolution is the sole path to overcome the bourgeoisie. As the bourgeoisie trembles, the Communist Party of Kenya stands steadfast, a beacon of hope and change.


The Flame of Unity Burns Bright


In honour of Commandante Fidel Castro Cruz, in unity with Kenyan-Cuban solidarity, in alliance with the Communist Party of Cuba, and with the unyielding spirit of the Communist Party of Kenya, we issue this statement from the International Department of the Central Organising Committee of the Communist Party of Kenya. Let the flame of unity and liberation burn brightly, guiding us toward a future free from oppression and imperialism. Long live the revolutionary spirit!


Viva Commandante Fidel Castro Cruz!


International Department of the Central Organising Committee of the Communist Party of Kenya

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  The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) strongly condemns Shanta Gold's intended exploitative mining activities in Ramula, a scheme that has garnered controversial support from Mr. Odhiambo, the Member of Parliament for Gem Constituency. Addressing the public gathering at Gamba Technical Training Institute (TTI), Mr. Odhiambo's alignment with Shanta Gold's questionable project raises serious concerns about his commitment to the well-being and rights of the Ramula community. Shanta Gold's clandestine operations, coupled with their disregard for legal procedures and transparency, demonstrate a t [ ... ]

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CPK Joins the Global Anti-Imperialist Frontline in Athens: A Call to Action
17 Nov 2023 08:20

Comrades and allies of the anti-imperialist struggle, in the historic streets of Athens, where the struggle for democracy and resistance converge, the World Anti-Imperialist platform gathers to confront the rising tide of world war and outline the tasks ahead for all steadfast anti-imperialists. The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK), committed to internationalism, stands among the participants, represented by Booker Ngesa Omole, the National Vice Chairperson of the Central Organizing Committee. This crucial event, unfolding from November 17 to 20, is not merely a conference; it is a battlefield  [ ... ]

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16 Nov 2023 05:07

November 15, 2023, 18:24 Hrs   For Immediate Release Statement by Comrade Leon Munala, Member of the Central Organizing Committee and Secretary of Peasant and Cooperative Movement, Communist Party of Kenya   Stop Extorting SACCOs: A Call for Immediate Investigation and Action Dear Fellow Kenyans, The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) expresses grave concern over the pervasive corruption affecting our cooperative sector. Today, the Nation Media Group reported that hundreds of Metropolitan National SACCO members are demonstrating against the alleged misappropriation of Sh7.7 billion by sen [ ... ]

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Kenyan Police in Haiti: A Betrayal of Principles and a Dance with Imperialism
14 Nov 2023 10:20

The decision by President Ruto and his government to deploy 1000 Kenyan police officers to Haiti has ignited a storm of outrage and condemnation from the majority of Kenyans, both at home and within the Communist Party of Kenya. This move is perceived as a betrayal against the heroic people of Haiti, with the Communist Party firmly asserting that the crisis in Haiti is not merely a result of gang violence but a deliberate problem orchestrated by the imperialist core group, led by the United States and Canada.   nravelling Haiti's Struggle To fully understand the gravity of this deployment [ ... ]

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