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 Comrades of Kenya and Tanzania,


On 20th July 2023, the Communist Party of Kenya facilitated a historic regional meeting of progressive organizations from both our nations. This meeting, which took place during the Dilemmas of Humanity Conference in Bela Bela, was an essential step towards fostering collaboration and joint revolutionary action within the East African region.


We extend our gratitude to all the organizations that participated in this gathering, representing the vibrant spirit of collective struggle in both Kenya and Tanzania. Together, we discussed our visions and explored avenues for joint actions to address the challenges faced by our societies.


During the meeting, all parties agreed that the countries within the East African region, much like in Africa, are colonial constructions. We recognize the importance of struggling against the imaginary borders that divide us and stand united in the fight for true liberation and sovereignty.


Furthermore, the collective also reached a consensus that the countries' problems are systemic, with neo-colonial governments acting as representatives of the countries of the metropole. We are committed to challenging and transforming these systems that perpetuate injustice and exploitation.


The parties present unanimously agreed that the countries within East Africa are yet to be fully sovereign, and we are determined to work together as a collective effort to achieve complete independence. Our goal is to build 'Afrika Moja, Afrika Huru, Afrika ya Kijamaa' – a united, free, and socialist Africa.


As we move forward, we reaffirm our commitment to socialism as the clearest path to true liberation. The organizations present are not only anti-imperialist but also dedicated to building a just and equitable society that empowers all of our people.


Throughout our discussions, we recognized the importance of solidarity and unity in our struggle. We will continue to collaborate closely, sharing knowledge, resources, and experiences to strengthen our movement and pave the way for a brighter future for all. In unity and solidarity, we stand together as comrades, working towards a future where East Africa emerges as a beacon of hope and progress, breaking free from the chains of exploitation and oppression.


The following organizations were represented:

Kenyan Organizations:

1. Communist Party of Kenya

2. Mathare Social Justice Centre

3. Kenya Peasants League

4. Ukombozi Library,

5. Kayole Community Justice Center

6. Women Concerns Center

7. Kisumu Peace and Social Justice Center

8. Social Justice Center Working Group

9. Kasarani Social Justice Centre

10. Young Communist League

11. Githurai Social Justice Centre

12. Revolutionary Socialist League

13. Bunge la Wananchi- Kisumu

14. Child Ambassadors


Tanzanian Organizations:

1. Mtandao WA Vikundi Vya Wakulima Tanzania (MVIWATA)

2. The Tanzania Socialist Forum (JULAWATA)


In attendance also included representatives from various other organizations, each adding unique perspectives to the collective vision of advancing social justice and equity in our region. We were honoured to have individuals from diverse grassroots movements join us, united by the common goal of building a better future for our people.


Communication between organizations will be intensified, fostering a unified voice at the national and regional level, enabling us to effectively address the challenges we face. As we move forward, we plan to utilize spaces such as the Ukombozi Library, the Communist Party of Kenya School Ideological School, and various ideological study cells to deepen our political knowledge and engage the working class and peasants more actively in our struggle.


We are delighted to announce that the meeting resulted in constructive resolutions, binding ourselves closer in solidarity. The Dilemmas of Humanity Conference Declaration and Resolutions will guide our future actions as we build a formidable platform for change, working in harmony with our comrades in Tanzania and other East African countries.



Statement by the International Department of the Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of Kenya.

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