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Comrade Bah El Mad ambassador of Sahrawi Arab Republic to Kenya, delivered this message to mark the African Liberation Day 2022, organized by the Communist Party of Kenya in Nairobi.

Africa Liberation Day 2022.


Ladies and Gentlemen:

African Liberation Day as an institution within the Pan African movement reflects the growth and development of Pan Africanism. When Pan Africanism was faced with fighting colonialism, the focus of African Liberation Day was on the anti colonial struggle and the fight for national independence. As Pan Africanism grew stronger and developed into a more mature objective, African Liberation Day activities reflected this maturation. African Liberation Day has contributed to the struggle to raise the level of political awareness and organization in African communities worldwide. It has further been used as a tool to provide a platform for many African and other oppressed peoples to inform the African masses about their respective struggles for true liberation and development. Particularly for Southern Africa, African Liberation Day played a critical role in the defeat of colonialism and apartheid.


Western Sahara is the last African decolonization case on the agenda of the United Nations and it has been on the UN list of the Special Committee of 24 since 1963 when it was under Spanish colonial rule. The General Assembly has consistently recognized the inalienable right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination and independence, and called for the exercise of that right in accordance with General Assembly Resolution 1514(xv) containing the Declaration on the granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples.


The decolonization process of Western Sahara however was interrupted drastically owing to Morocco’s military invasion and illegal occupation of the territory on 31 October 1975. The occupation was in violation of numerous UN and OAU resolutions and the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The historic ruling of the ICJ, issued on 16 October 1975 


The UN has neither approved nor recognized the legality of the Moroccan annexation of Western Sahara. More precisely, in its resolutions, the General Assembly deeply deplored the aggravation of the situation resulting from “the continued occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco”. 


Ladies and Gentlemen:


The decision of the Frente POLISARIO to end the ceasefire signed with Morocco was not a surprise, since it was preceded by several indications and warnings made to the UN, including decision taken by the last congress of the Frente POLISARIO on the non-engagement in any future political process that is not based on the decisions of international legality on Western Sahara.


Morocco is solely responsible for the current situation, after its violation of the ceasefire on November 13 in the El Guerguerat area, and so far UN has not taken seriously, nor has shown commitment, to the implementation of its peace plan. For this reason, we consider that any future implication in the peaceful solution of the conflict will be under the new logic of the Sahrawi war, based on the principle of entering into negotiations while the liberation war continues.


The SADR considers that the consolidation of regional peace is an indispensable condition for genuine economic and political integration and complementarity. A lasting solution to the Western Sahara conflict based on free and democratic decolonization process will thus contribute greatly to re-establishing regional peace, stability and harmony in Northwest Africa and Sahel. It will also lead to eliminating, once and for all, one of the most deep-seated fears in the living memory of the peoples of the region, namely expansionism and forcible territorial acquisition.


From the land of struggle and freedom, we express our solidarity with the Cuba, viva Cuba, and Venezuela, viva Venezuela.

Ladies and gentlemen, from the struggle of the people of Kenya we learn and with their solidarity we will see our victory, if not today it will be tomorrow. 

Thank you,


Ambassador Bah El Mad 

Sahrawi Republic, Western Sahara                   


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