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by Revolutionary Patriot


When they come at Kamiti to see me

You will explain to them

You will tell them I am no longer at Kamiti Prison

They have transferred me 800 kilometres

Away from Werugha, where I was born

They have taken me to Eldoret

Not at Eldoret town, not on a tour

They have taken me to prison

To bury me in the pit of torture

When my wife comes to see me

Try to inform her


But also tell them not to worry

Being transferred doesn't trouble me that much

Let them understand

Because at no time did I request

To be imprisoned, to be imprisoned in any prison

For prison is prison, wherever it is it is prison

Hunger, boredom, brutality and torture without end

So, will the oppression inside Eldoret Prison

Be more than that here at Kamiti Maximum?

Sooner or later I will find out...........!


Furthermore, surely dear comrades

Their separating us will not separate us

We shall be together

Everytime and everywhere at all times

The agony with us my comrades

Will paste us together always

True, they will never succeed

To separate us ideologically

We have decided to be friends

To be comrades in the revolution

How can they ever divide us?

Our comradeship

Has been born by the great work and responsibility

Given to us by history

It is held by the glue of all that

We have experienced and are experiencing together

Let us love one another for ever........!!!!!


Comrades, when they come to visit us

Tell them, wherever they will imprison me

One day I will be released

I will be released I will be released

Because whichever has a beginning also has an end

One day we shall come out of here

To reunite with comrades and patriots of our country

Not in the life of laziness and self-indulgence

But in the great and noble work

The work of searching for the freedom and liberation of Kenya

The work of struggling

Struggling against exploitation of person by person

For now keep on remembering

And to them also explain that they may know

While in Eldoret Prison

Or wherever they may take me

Come rain come shine, whatever come may

I will not change my mind, I shall never betray the struggle

I will continue fighting for my humanity

I will continue with the revolutionary stand.........


A time like this

When hundreds of patriots

Involved in the liberation struggle

Are in detention or prison or exile

We cannot indulge in self-pity inside here

We cannot just think of only our agony

We cannot accept to give up hope

We must struggle at all times

The medicine of life in prison is struggle

That which is more moral and humane is struggle......


Those who are more humane

Have chosen the road of struggle

And we also have opted not to be left behind

For our love is also the love for our country

It is true and just love

It is love for freedom and democracy

The love for struggling for a new socialist society

If we remain true to what we have resolved together

If we make revolution to be our life at all times

Our friendship will last, it will last forever

The sadness of bidding farewell to one another now

Manifests the extent of our relationship

It shows the level of our comradeship

How we value love!

And since we value love

We shall give our lives to ensure

That tomorrow

Those who love one another

Will not experience the pain we are experiencing today

The pain of friends being separated by prison



Kamiti Maximum Prison       13-1-1987


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