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by Revolutionary Patriot



forget it!

even if it were true

you fought for uhuru

even if it is a fact

that you were part of the Land and Freedom Army

whatever you said and did

against british colonialism

if today you are a traitor

if at this time you are a puppet of imperialism

if now you are an exploiter

if you are a land and plot grabber

if you support the oppressive system

if you claim there is freedom in Kenya today

truly truly I say unto you

you are not a peoples hero

stop thinking you are anywhere near a patriot


because your greed

the lust for money and wealth

your hypocrisy and opportunism

has rubbed your clean history of yesterday

really, you cannot cheat us you won't fool us

you may talk but we will not listen to you

at the present history of our country

you are not the friend of the struggle for national liberation

today you have become an enemy

you hinder the development of our country

for you have accepted

to be a dog of neo-colonialism

as you talk the language of oppressors

because today you are a hyena and a pig

now you are like a tick and bedbug

for you are a big prostitute these days


a true hero of the masses

a really patriot

travels up to the end of the journey

and the journey of our struggle is still there

it is not yet over our safari of freedom and development

for neo-colonialism remains in our country

the kanu dictatorship oppresses the majority of citizens

although there is a flag fluttering

freedom itself is not here

so you were struggling for your own stomach!

ahh your aim was to take the place of the colonialist!

we rebelled against the humiliation

of being oppressed by the British

do you imagine we will embrace

the shame of being dominated by fellow Africans?

you devil of a person!

traitor hiding in the noble name of Mau Mau!



Kibos Main Prison       25-02-1988


08 May 2022 09:42

  By Booker Ngesa Omole, National Vice-Chairperson. The Communist Party of Kenya   Down with Zionism! Up with Palestine!   The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) is privileged and happy to address you today as we mark this important day. As one of the founding members of ya na Palestine, CPK is pleased to welcome you to the International Day of Al-Quds.   The international day of Al-Quds is an annual political protest event held to demonstrate solidarity with all the oppressed people globally and particularly the people of Palestine. As communists, the CPK has both an international [ ... ]

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16 Oct 2021 07:47

  Title: Sundiata - Epic of Old Mali  Author: Mamadou Kouyate (Recorder) /b> By Mwandawiro Mghanga 1. Introduction I wrote this literary appreciation in the 1980s when I was a student at the University of Nairobi. Since Itikadi is a publication about socialism theory and practice, I have decided to submit it for publishing in the current issue of Itikadi not only to show the importance of using the method of historical materialism in literary appreciation but also the role of literature in the struggles for change. For literature is a weapon. In a class society, literature reflects clas [ ... ]

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Book Review - Literary Style of Exposing the Root Cause of Corruption through th...
16 Oct 2021 07:46

  Title: No Longer at Ease Author: Chinua Achebe   By Mwandawiro Mghanga  > The novel, No Longer at Ease, starts at the end and ends at the end. We briefly encounter the main protagonist, Obi, in court awaiting judgment for a case of corruption against him. Other important protagonists, Mr. Green, Clara, and Obi's mother are also mentioned in the first two pages. At the same time, the main theme of the story, corruption, which has become part and parcel of Nigerian life - and of course that of African countries - is introduced with the sarcastic humour which is present throughou [ ... ]

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16 Oct 2021 07:46

by Benedict Wachira ‘The UK is the largest European foreign investor in Kenya. Currently, there are about 100 British investment companies based in Kenya, valued at more than STG £2.0 billion.’ ~Website of the British High Commission in Kenya Title: Neo-colonialism - The last stage of imperialism Author: Kwame Nkrumah     1 Introduction There is no doubt that Kwame Nkrumah’s Neo-colonialism - The last stage of imperialism is extremely relevant in the Africa of today. Written in 1965, the analysis in the book can still be seen to different degrees in all African countrie [ ... ]

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