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To all members of Africa Left Network Forum (ALNEF).

On behalf of the Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) and the Kenya Cuba Friendship Society (KCFS) I send you revolutionary greetings from Nairobi!

I write to you this special message to request you to intensify our solidarity with Cuba and the Cuban revolution even while I believe most of you are already doing so in your countries.

As you are aware, the USA imperialism has tightened its economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba that is aimed at strangling the friendly, peacefully and revolutionary country in all ways. President Donald Trump and his neofascist regime have introduced even more brutal anti-Cuba laws aimed at violating Cuba's national sovereignty and socialism. It is in fact a war against a peaceful and independent United Nations member state and nation and a blatant violation of the human rights of the entire people of Cuba.

All of us remember that the brutal blockade has been imposed against Cuba for 60 years hitherto. It has of course not succeeded to make the people of the resilient and revolutionary nation surrender their freedom, dignity, their socialist way of life, and their development path away from capitalism and imperialism. Nevertheless, the unjustified blockade has caused and continues to cause great damage and difficulties of all sorts to the government and people of Cuba and to socialism.

Amidst all this, Cuba's socialist internationalism has always existed and never ended. We are all grateful for Cuba's solidarity to our African continent which continues today in many forms in our various countries. It is for this reason, among others, that we appeal to you fellow members of ALNEF to use all means possible to extend solidarity in all ways at your disposal to Cuba at this time when it needs it more than ever before.

CPK requests all of you ALNEF members to write to the US Embassy in your countries condemning the blockade against Cuba and calling for its immediate end! Call upon your governments, irrespective of their ideologies, in the name of peace, justice and the right of all nations to freedom and national sovereignty to demand that the US ceases its hostility against Cuba and ends the blockade! In the name of human rights, we request all member parties of ALLNEF to request the United Nations, African Union and the civil society in your countries to condemn the violations of the human rights of the citizens of Cuba perpetrated by the US blockade.

Lastly, CPK requests all members of ALNEF and solidarity with Cuba organizations in your countries to attend the Africa solidarity with Cuba organization's meeting that will take place in Abuja Nigeria in September this year. In Abuja we shall discuss our common resolution as Africans on our solidarity with Cuba including concrete action plans. Cuba deserves African solidarity for they are our blood relatives and socialist comrades at arms in the anti-imperialism war and for socialism.

I humbly beg your indulgence as I believe that you are already all supporting Cuba in one way or another in your countries. This just to emphasise our common position as Africans and ALNEF.

CPK will reiterate the same message on behalf of ALNEF at Caracas, Venezuela, during the São Paulo Forum starting on 25th July 2019.

In the name of ALNEF and Socialist Internationalism I salute all of you wherever you are in our African continent!

Long live friendship and Solidarity with Cuba and Cuba socialist revolution!


Mwandawiro Mghanga

National Chairperson

Communist Party of Kenya


July 15, 2019

01 May 2021 10:05

The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) sends greetings of comradeship and solidarity to you Kenyan workers and your fellow workers of the World as you commemorate this year's historical International Labour Day! We reiterate the communist's slogan to workers of the World by the founder of scientific communism, Karl Marx: Workers of the World unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains! The Kenyan society will always be grateful to you workers for being the primary movers of the economy and culture of our nation through your labour. CPK is a workers’ political party since we champion the cla [ ... ]

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29 Apr 2021 19:22

 This year, 2021, is hundred years since the founding of the great Communist Party of China. In the name of Socialist Internationalism, CPK takes this opportunity to extend this message of congratulations, friendship, and revolutionary solidarity to the leadership and membership of CPC as you commemorate the long and rich history of your party. CPC has led the great people of China to liberate themselves and their nation from feudalism, brutal Japanese colonialism, and imperialism led by the United States of America.  Through the CPC leadership, China has succeeded in making immense economi [ ... ]

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23 Apr 2021 09:21

A book Review by Regina Mutheu The Spoken autobiography ‘My Life’ by Ignacio Ramonet was first published in Spanish in 2006, following over a hundred hours of interview with Fidel Castro, and was translated into English in 2008. In the first Chapter, Ramonet states that the idea to write the Autobiography came to him in February 2002 when Comrade Fidel Castro engaged him and Joseph Stiglitz, an economics Nobel Laureate, on the effects of globalisation, and the need for a movement to counter it. Fidel's clarity and quickness to analysis, knowledge, and passion for emerging revolutionary i [ ... ]

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23 Apr 2021 09:20

Book Review by Mukami Kamau   The autobiography, “Mau Mau from Within” provides vivid details of the peasant revolt that took over the then British Colony of Kenya in the early 1950’s. The book is chronologically written in a descriptive style telling of the life and times of the writer, Karari Njama, who was a participant and leader in the Kenya Land and Freedom Army. Through the propaganda and lies of the colonial government, the Guerrilla Army was painted negatively, and the freedom fighters were given the name Mau Mau. The co-author of the autobiography, Donald L. Barnett was an  [ ... ]

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