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The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) stands in unity with more than 30 organizations and political parties on the left as we gather today at the International Dilemmas of Humanity Conference. Our presence at this conference signifies our unwavering commitment to the principles of internationalism, solidarity, Pan-Africanism, and scientific socialism, all against the backdrop of the escalating imperialist wars by the degenerating United States empire.

Representing the CPK at this significant event are Comrade Mwaivu Kaluka, Chairperson of the Young Communist League, and Comrade Booker Ngesa Omole, National Vice Chairperson of the Communist Party of Kenya.

Our preparations for this gathering have been meticulous, recognizing it as a vital platform for progressive individuals and organizations across the African continent and the world to engage in dialogue. Through these exchanges, we aim to elevate our collective struggle against the failures of Imperialist Capitalism and address the pressing question of "What is to be done?".

Changing the world requires a precise diagnosis and a clear roadmap for action. To that end, the CPK participated in the regional conference, "Dilemmas of Humanity: Pan African Dialogues to Build Socialism," held from 17-20 July 2023, where we, together with our comrades, constructed a common framework to guide our shared work.

Now, as we unite with friends and allies from across the globe, our focus is on refining and developing concrete proposals that prioritize the needs and aspirations of the world's working people. The success of this conference hinges on the quality of our debates, characterized by robust and nuanced engagement while maintaining the respect and unity that bind us.

Without a doubt, active participation in all aspects of the program is crucial, as the depth of the final declaration will be determined by the strength of our collective engagement. We have full confidence that representatives of progressive formations and individuals who share our vision for a more humane, dignified, and socialist world have much to contribute.

As the CPK and its allies stand together, we serve as a beacon of unity and struggle in this festival of ideas. Together, we will chart the course towards a brighter and more equitable future, guided by the principles of solidarity and scientific socialism.

In solidarity and revolutionary spirit,

International Department of the Central Organizing Committee ( IDCOC) 

Communist Party of Kenya (CPK)

CPK Slams Shanta Gold's Predatory Mining Agenda in Ramula and Exposes Gem MP's C...
20 Nov 2023 13:34

  The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) strongly condemns Shanta Gold's intended exploitative mining activities in Ramula, a scheme that has garnered controversial support from Mr. Odhiambo, the Member of Parliament for Gem Constituency. Addressing the public gathering at Gamba Technical Training Institute (TTI), Mr. Odhiambo's alignment with Shanta Gold's questionable project raises serious concerns about his commitment to the well-being and rights of the Ramula community. Shanta Gold's clandestine operations, coupled with their disregard for legal procedures and transparency, demonstrate a t [ ... ]

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CPK Joins the Global Anti-Imperialist Frontline in Athens: A Call to Action
17 Nov 2023 08:20

Comrades and allies of the anti-imperialist struggle, in the historic streets of Athens, where the struggle for democracy and resistance converge, the World Anti-Imperialist platform gathers to confront the rising tide of world war and outline the tasks ahead for all steadfast anti-imperialists. The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK), committed to internationalism, stands among the participants, represented by Booker Ngesa Omole, the National Vice Chairperson of the Central Organizing Committee. This crucial event, unfolding from November 17 to 20, is not merely a conference; it is a battlefield  [ ... ]

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Urgent Action Needed to Halt Corruption in Cooperative Sector
16 Nov 2023 05:07

November 15, 2023, 18:24 Hrs   For Immediate Release Statement by Comrade Leon Munala, Member of the Central Organizing Committee and Secretary of Peasant and Cooperative Movement, Communist Party of Kenya   Stop Extorting SACCOs: A Call for Immediate Investigation and Action Dear Fellow Kenyans, The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) expresses grave concern over the pervasive corruption affecting our cooperative sector. Today, the Nation Media Group reported that hundreds of Metropolitan National SACCO members are demonstrating against the alleged misappropriation of Sh7.7 billion by sen [ ... ]

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Kenyan Police in Haiti: A Betrayal of Principles and a Dance with Imperialism
14 Nov 2023 10:20

The decision by President Ruto and his government to deploy 1000 Kenyan police officers to Haiti has ignited a storm of outrage and condemnation from the majority of Kenyans, both at home and within the Communist Party of Kenya. This move is perceived as a betrayal against the heroic people of Haiti, with the Communist Party firmly asserting that the crisis in Haiti is not merely a result of gang violence but a deliberate problem orchestrated by the imperialist core group, led by the United States and Canada.   nravelling Haiti's Struggle To fully understand the gravity of this deployment [ ... ]

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