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Happy birthday dear comrade! Today, we celebrate Lumumba's unwavering dedication to the Congolese people and draw inspiration from his timeless struggle for justice and liberation. As we commemorate his birth, we also proudly align ourselves with the Congolese Communist Party, an embodiment of Lumumba's vision and a beacon of hope for a brighter future.


Lumumba's birthday serves as a poignant reminder of his revolutionary spirit and his relentless pursuit of a free Congo. His impassioned speeches and powerful convictions galvanized a nation and ignited a flame of resistance against imperialist powers. The Congolese people rallied behind Lumumba, inspired by his unwavering belief in their ability to shape their own destiny.


Today, as we remember Lumumba's birth, we stand in solidarity with the Congolese Communist Party. This revolutionary force carries Lumumba's torch, fiercely advocating for equality, justice, and collective prosperity. The Congolese Communist Party emerges as a force to reckon with, challenging the oppressive systems that have kept the Congolese people in chains for far too long.


In the face of the ongoing crisis in the Congo, where imperialist forces and their proxies continue to exploit and destabilize the country, the Congolese Communist Party stands as a steadfast bulwark against these injustices. It confronts the looting of resources, the financing of militias, and the manipulation of political dynamics that have plagued the Congolese people for far too long. With unwavering determination, the party asserts the Congolese people's right to self-determination and the equitable distribution of the nation's wealth.


The birth of the Congolese Communist Party heralds a new era in the struggle for a free Congo. It embodies Lumumba's vision of an independent and united Socialist Africa, free from the shackles of colonialism and neo-colonialism. The party's formation ignites a flame of hope, reminding us that a future of justice and prosperity is within our grasp.


As we celebrate Lumumba's birthday, we pay homage to his indelible contributions to the Congolese liberation movement. We honour his unwavering commitment to the cause, his eloquence, and his ability to inspire and mobilize the masses. Through the Congolese Communist Party, we carry his legacy forward, emboldened by his words: "The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today."


On this day, we proudly stand with the Congolese Communist Party, declaring our unwavering support for their struggle. We share their determination to dismantle oppressive systems, to resist external interference, and to reclaim the Congolese people's rightful place as masters of their own destiny. Together, we forge a path towards a free Congo, where the dreams of Lumumba and the countless revolutionaries who fought by his side become reality.


On Lumumba's birthday, we renew our commitment to the ideals of justice, equality, and liberation. We honour his memory by working tirelessly to create a world where the voices of the oppressed are heard, where resources are shared equitably, and where imperialism and neo-colonialism are relegated to the annals of history.


Happy birthday, Patrice Lumumba! Your legacy lives on, and through the Congolese Communist Party, we march towards a future where freedom and prosperity reign supreme.


Challenging US Imperialism: Upholding International Human Rights and Humanitaria...
20 May 2024 09:42

  y Michael Olukoye, Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, Secretary to the Communist Party of Kenya Legal League (CPKLL)  and member of the Kenya Palestinian Solidarity Movement (KPSM). May 2024, Tehran, Iran   The enforcement of international law has long been marred by scepticism regarding its true efficacy, particularly in the realm of international human rights and humanitarian law. This scepticism, often referred to as 'sceptical internationalism,' raises doubts about the ability of international institutions to enforce these laws effectively. This debate is highly pertinent in t [ ... ]

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Statement of Solidarity with Air Traffic Services Workers in Kenya
20 May 2024 09:41

  The Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of Kenya, the party of the Kenyan workers, stands in unwavering solidarity with the over 600 Air Traffic Services workers who are being unjustly denied their fundamental right to join a union by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA). In 2023, these dedicated workers, including air traffic controllers, aeronautical communication officers, and telecommunication and engineering services workers, sought to organise under the ITF-affiliated Transport Workers Union of Kenya (TAWU). However, the KCAA has deliberately misclassified them  [ ... ]

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Towards a Global Struggle: Solidarity, Socialism, and the Defeat of Imperialism
02 May 2024 17:47

Honourable delegates, esteemed comrades, and friends of the struggle,   As a representative of the Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of Kenya, it is both an honour and a duty to address this esteemed gathering convened by the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP). In this pivotal moment, amidst the relentless onslaught of imperialism, our presence here signifies not just solidarity, but a reaffirmation of our unwavering commitment to the cause of peace, sovereignty, and socialism.   The struggle we face today, my comrades, is not merely against abstract  [ ... ]

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Happy International Workers Day! 
02 May 2024 17:46

Tremble, O Capitalist: Fear in the Workers’ March You snakes, your savagery can’t hide, With razor-sharp resolve, we’ll slit your throat’s. Suffocating your greed, your demise, our breath of life, Dine and wine on workers’ backs, in opulence, you thrive. In Labour camps, not a wheel turns without our hands, Your gold piles, with workers’ blood, expand. On dining tables, corpses of the oppressed you hide, Workers’ dignity, like Havana, you seek to divide. Vipers, our hate for you burns strong, By our hands, we’ll undo your wrongs. In Class struggle’s tension, we fin [ ... ]

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