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By Mwandawiro Mghanga


With humility, sincerity, and the love that I have for you as a people and nation, I wish at this time and date to remind and warn you yet again that you have been fixed in a box by the reactionary leaders of Kenya, their capitalist ideology and socio-economic system of capitalism. They use all means at their disposal, including but not limited to the press, tribalism, political meetings, and all machinery of propaganda and control to ensure that you remain permanently fixed in the reactionary box they have deliberately designed for you to serve their interests. 


Remember, however much you lament, cry, condemn, wish or pray, unless you think outside the box unless you get yourselves out of the box that you are fixed in, you will remain at their mercy: poor, exploited, oppressed, and the perpetual wretched of the earth. No sustainable positive change will happen to you as long as you continue allowing yourselves to remain in the reactionary box deliberately designed for you by the capitalist exploiters and oppressors in power and their capitalist system and ideology. 


What do I mean by angrily saying all this - and now? Kenya's national elections will be held in August 2022, but already the country is being driven in a heated election mood as if the elections will happen tomorrow. Hitherto, it has been happening that no sooner are the elections held and concluded than the campaigns for the next one, five years away, begin immediately all over again. It is as if Kenyans eat and live on elections. 


You the majority of citizens are fixed to put your minds fixed in those elections to forget the present economic and social problems that you are made to suffer from and live with by the same regime and its reactionary system. Rather than, for example, demand for immediate solutions to corruption, poverty, growing unemployment, inequality, crime, insecurity, hunger, violence, the health and social effects of the Covid - 19 pandemic, you are instead fixed to accept to continue dreaming about false promises of solutions which they lie to you will come after the 2022 national elections that dominate media reports, news and political discussions in the country today. It is as though sustainable progressive change has ever happened anywhere and in history spontaneously without a deliberate and organized struggle!


Recycling leaders

Using the same media that acts as the propaganda machine of Kenya's ruling class and their political parties, they have fixed you to choose leaders from the same box in every election. At the moment, you are again being driven to think that the 2022 President of Kenya should and must be either Raila Odinga or Musalia Mudavadi or Kalonzo Musyoka or William Ruto or Moses Wetangula or Gideon Moi or even Uhuru Kenyatta - that is if, in their handshake political intrigues, they have conspired with Raila in the form of the notorious Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) that he will remain in political power somehow after he retires from the presidency in 2022. 


To fix you even more firmly in the box so that you can recycle them to power through the coming elections, they have now recycled the NASA alliance to become One Kenya Alliance (OKA). Yet it is the same chameleons changing colour to fool you as ever before! And you allow yourselves to be fooled! You pretend that you have forgotten that each of the presidential candidates you are being fixed to choose from in the box is loitering around the country promising he is best suited to deliver you from the cancer of corruption, poverty, underdevelopment, stampeding inflation, and national debt, hunger, unemployment, insecurity, economic stagnation, tribalism and a myriad of social problems facing our country today and imposed upon us by the same elites. You don't even stand to think and ask them - especially those in OKA in charge of the government now with Uhuru Kenyatta - what is preventing them from implementing the solutions they are proposing in their campaigns here and now while they are in charge of government now? 


And because you are fixed in the box deliberately designed for your manipulation, like innocent lambs, you only believe them and have even started preparing to elect a President from the same box! Only a few years ago you voted Raila, Kalonzo, Musalia, and Wetangula united as NASA Coalition to climb to political power to control you and your economy. When they were defeated by Uhuru - Ruto JUBILEE each of the leaders and their political parties pretended they were quarreling while in fact, they were scrambling for favours from President Uhuru while together looting the country and begging for eating positions. Only a few days ago they dissolved the NASA coalition pretending before you that they are political adversaries. Yet, they have brought about the OKA coalition to convince you to vote them to power without any new explanation! And yet as if you are sheep you are preparing to vote for them again in 2022. It is as if you are bewitched! 


It is as though you are not aware that the said presidential candidates have completely run out of ideas of governing the country towards freedom and social progress - if they ever had any - but are also instead part and parcel of the problems confronting Kenya today and that impacts very harshly upon you, the wretched of Kenya. Don't you know that they are so enslaved by the desire to make money for themselves and their families that they hardly have any time to think about your welfare? What they care about is to make money and more money by any means at their disposal including corruption and betraying the nation; more money for hoarding and for fixing you in the box. 


Don't you also remember that all of the 2022 presidential candidates from the box that are being popularized by the press every day - all of them - have been involved, implicated, mentioned, or accused of corruption and theft of public property at present or in the recent past?


Have you also forgotten that all of them were once senior leaders of the notorious and despicable Kenya African National Union (KANU) at the time when the political party was using state power to grossly violate the freedoms and human rights of Kenyans to the level akin to that of fascism? When President Moi was arresting, torturing, detaining, imprisoning, exiling, and persecuting  Kenyan patriots who were calling and struggling for multiparty democracy, political reforms, and the present Constitution of Kenya, the said 2022 presidential candidates from the box were busy turning themselves into millionaires and billionaires using the positions they then occupied in the corrupt and dictatorship regime that used to reward it's sycophants with public land, plots, eating positions and other forms of property.



You also seem not to remember that these people made the millions and billions of money and property they hold and hoard today during and beginning from the Kenyatta - Moi - KANU regime. Others are proud of inheriting stolen land, money, wealth, and even political popularity from their parents who used to wield and hold political and economic power. Today they are multiplying all this many times over while using the same political and economic power to fix you in the box to help them to continue retaining power. 


Despite all of this, and since you are thinking of voting for only those inside the box, you are planning to choose a President from only among them in the 2022 elections! You are fixed to either forget or ignore history just as you ignore patriotic, honest, and good capable leaders committed to your interests during elections - just because they have not looted public money to bribe you with! And since those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it, you always end up in the cycle of poverty, suffering, economic stagnation, and underdevelopment.


National elections that are held after every five years are made to seem to be only meaningless rituals. Yet the elections are important, for they are used to legitimize successive regimes that ensure that you remain firmly fixed in the box. Were you to come out of the box and listen to us who care for you then you would use democracy to win progressive reforms and to enhance the class struggle. 


All the said presidential candidates from the box being popularized by the media are capitalists. Their ideology and that of their political parties embrace the values and principles of capitalism. Capitalism is the system based on private property and exploitation and oppression of person by person. Capitalism is the basis of the corruption, greed, and inequality that you are fixed in the box to endure. The system of the capitalist political parties in power today is for the interests of the class of the rich few and not for that of you the majority of Kenyans who are poor, marginalized, and desperate. 


That is why in the National and County Parliaments of Kenya composed mainly of members of the political parties that you voted for, JUBILEE, ODM, WIPER, FORD KENYA, KANU, and ANC always make laws to increase their salaries, allowances, and other benefits for themselves and other privileged members of the society. They hardly think about legislating to improve the condition of workers, peasants, the unemployed, and those who struggle and sweat every day to merely earn a meagre living. They do not make, pass and implement policies to provide land to the landless and to eradicate slums. They pretend to fight corruption outside the Parliaments while tolerating it and even practicing it to fund their greed, lavish lifestyles and to perpetuate the tactics and strategies of fixing you in the box of recycling them as your rulers. 


The lawmakers you keeping on electing also oversee the destruction of the public economy by the robbery of public enterprises and parastatals through privatisation and implementation of neoliberal economic and social policies. They hardly represent the interests of the classes of the poor and exploited who elected them. Instead, they are there to perpetuate the capitalists' status quo using the Parliaments that they have made mere talking shops or dogs with no teeth to bite. Why you are preparing to re-elect to Parliament the same political parties, their leaders, and members and expect to see progressive change in your favour defeats all logic! Or is it perhaps because they have succeeded to lock you so tightly in the box that you are unable to think and make rational choices?


British colonialism was removed from Kenya by the armed struggle of patriots who had to endure and overcome all sorts of challenges. Thousands were arrested, detained, tortured, exiled, and forced to suffer all kinds of persecutions and humiliations by the colonialists for fighting for the freedom and liberation of this country. Others died resisting colonialism and in the course of the national liberation war. And today you, you are so fixed in the box that you cannot change government only by voting wisely! Just by only walking in a secret ballot box and casting your vote wisely and in your interest defeats you! You have accepted to be made so useless, greedy, corrupt, immoral, and stupid that you demand fifty or hundred or two hundred shillings to remain in the box!


Tribal politics 

What is even worse is that you are fixed in tribal-based politics of divide and rule if you choose the 2022 President from the box. You know of this very well but you choose to encourage and support tribalism that always wasted many of your lives and threatens to destroy Kenya's nationhood! 


You let them move around your home counties and ethnic groups addressing you; "This is the time for the Luhya to produce the President of Kenya", says Musalia and Wetangula to their tribal henchmen and women and you a Mluhya common man or woman fixed in the box yell and clap with happiness! At the same time Gideon Moi tells the Kalenjin the same, Kalonzo tells the Kamba the same and Raila tells the Luo the same. Their supporters repeat the same politics of tribalism meant to use you to vote them to power for their class interests that are never the same as yours.


Then the 2022 presidential candidates meet as a class - as they are doing now while plotting another coalition for fixing you in the box in the 2022 elections - in their exclusive clubs somewhere in Kenya to negotiate about the tribal alliances in preparation for the elections. In the negotiations, they share the State eating positions that they will use to get you fixed in the box to vote for them. Then you, who are fixed in the box, are made to choose the tribalism and intrigue-driven political coalitions they are forming.


Kenya is made up of over seventy ethnicities but the tribal blockings that they use for negotiations are those from the largest ethnicities. Since they have fixed you to believe that elections are about numbers, they who are tribal chauvinists conspire to manipulate and use other Kenyan ethnicities that they have fixed in the box to add to their numbers, for they have fixed you to accept to be regarded as mere numbers and voting machines. 


In their tribe-based presidential bids, they don't give a damn about a nation called Kenya or national interests or even you that they have fixed in their tribalism box even though you don't belong to their tribal class. What they care about is their class interests and how they can use the tactics of divide and rule to fix you in the box so that you continue helping them to perpetuate their class system, rule, and interests that are opposite to those of yours and your class. 


You see, even though you speak the same mother tongue, even though you come from the same geographical or political location, even though you are blood relatives and even though you are fixed to believe that you are from the same clan or ethnicity with them, the truth of the matter is that you are not the same ethnicity and will never be as long as the class divisions remain in the country. 


Yes, as long as Kenya is divided into classes as it is today there will always be two ethnicities, their ethnicity and your/our ethnicity, the ethnicity of the few and that of the majority, the ethnicity of the rich and that of the poor, of the exploited and the exploiters, of the capitalists and the workers and working classes. Ignoring or doubting this truth means being fixed in the box until one day you wake up from the slumber, or you are somehow made to gain consciousness after being exploited and oppressed for too long by them. 


Kikuyu and Kalenjin poverty

Remember, Jomo Kenyatta was the first President of Kenya and he was a Kikuyu by ethnicity. Yet it is the ethnicity of the rich Kikuyus and the ethnicity of rich non-Kikuyus who benefited the most from his primitive accumulation capitalist leadership. The majority of Kikuyus remain as poor and oppressed as other poor and oppressed Kenyans from other ethnicities. They remain squatters and slum dwellers.


Neither did the lives of the poor, exploited, and oppressed Kalenjins become better than those of other poor, exploited, and oppressed Kenyans from other ethnicities just because Moi became President after Kenyatta. Also, the Kikuyu poor, exploited and oppressed people do not live better than the poor, exploited, and oppressed Kenyans from other ethnicities just because the two successive Presidents, Kibaki and Uhuru have come from the box of the Kikuyu ethnicity. 


You see, you are fixed in your ethnicity during elections and only for the interests of the common exploiters and oppressors of the majority of Kenyans. Otherwise, after elections and in times of peace and tranquillity, there is no Kikuyu or Kalenjin or Luo or Somali ethnicity. There are only two ethnicities, the ethnicity of the exploiting Kenyans and that of the exploited Kenyans, irrespective of the mother tongues they speak. Each ethnicity, regardless of the languages they speak and the religions they practice retreats to their ethnic-class spaces that they occupy in Kenya and to their lifestyles and cultures conditioned by the capitalist system. In Nairobi, for example, the ethnicity of the rich from all ethnicities live in the exclusive suburbs of Muthaiga, Karen, Runda, Lavington, etc., while the poor and wretched from all ethnicities of the country are dumped by the system to suffer and suffocate at Kibera, Mathare, Kawangare, Mukuru, etc. slums. 


Yet the ethnicity of the rich fixes you so much in the box of tribalism during elections that you imagine that you belong to their ethnicity! They poison and manipulate you so much that they make you hate your ethnicity who speak a different mother tongue from yours and who is your neighbour, friend, and even relative. They poison and fix you in the box so much that you become mad and hate and slaughter persons of your ethnicity occupying the same space with you but speaking different mother tongues from yours, especially during the elections. 


If you are not careful, the 2022 presidential candidates will nail you so firmly in the box that you will forget your ethnicity yet again and start hating and killing members of your class ethnicity - just by you foolishly thinking that you are of the same ethnicity with those who belong to the class of the rich just because they speak the same mother tongue as you!


Looming danger

I can read the signs and they don't augur well! All this handshake politics appears to be nonsense to me and to be full of political lies and intrigues. All this talk of the breakage of the NASA Coalition and the formation of OKA with the only agenda being the presidential ambitions of Deputy President William Ruto is another dangerous gimmick that is aimed at pulling you towards the politics of their reactionary tribes and the negative consequences thereof. 


OKA is just another tool of fixing you to serve certain class tribal-based political interests. The 2022 presidential candidates are roaming all over the country whipping up and mobilizing tribal sentiments among you and you are entering the box that may consume you in blood. They bank on the fact that you are already confusing their ethnicity to be your ethnicity while forgetting your class ethnicity and your class ethnic interests. The heritage of mother tongues complicates class and class struggles among you in the box. In their tribe, it is being said that they are plotting to assassinate one another in the fierce 2022 presidential campaigns. If you are not careful you in the box may be sucked in the bloody political war that will not be in your interests; that of your class ethnicity and the national interest. 


When they talk about handshake and BBI, it does not mean that they want to shake hands with you or build bridges with you or between you just because you are in the box cheering them to power. Remember “mpanda ngazi na mshuka ngazi hawawezi kushikana mikono!”


After you have elected them and their political parties to the national and county Parliaments, who do they go ahead and nominate to County, National, and Senate Parliaments? Certainly not you in the box from the ethnicity of the poor of Kenya. ODM, JUBILEE, WIPER, FORD KENYA, KANU, and ANC political parties nominate their brothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, and class friends. And what of political appointments for state jobs? Of course, the same. The political parties in power single out for appointments of top civil servants, parastatals, and ambassadors mainly from their blood relatives and class tribes whether men or women. This is how they perpetuate the status quo of their class rule.


To them, you from the working classes in the box and who tear each other apart in your ethnicity, especially during the elections as you did in 2007/8 and repeated in 2017, thinking you belong to the same ethnicity with them, they use and dump you in the dust bin of poverty, marginalization, suffering, and backwardness where you will belong to until the next elections or until and unless you get yourselves out of the box. For to them, you in the box are mere election statistics and voting machines, and nothing else.


Attack on multi-party system 

And if you are not aware of this, you are still in the box, let me remind you:  they even set aside billions of shillings every year from the national budgets to use to fix you in the box! In other words, they are using your taxes to fix you in the box of the mentally tired and redundant leadership and their reactionary capitalist political system of exploitation and oppression of person by person. This is money that in the spirit of the Constitution of Kenya was meant to build the culture of multiparty democracy in Kenya. The Political Parties Act of 2007 ensured that the money was shared among all the registered political parties. 


But later the right-wing political parties and coalitions in Parliament today feared the robust growth of the culture of multiparty democracy that they believe is a threat to their neoliberal capitalist system at present and in the future. Although the Constitution stipulates that Kenya is a multiparty democracy, the political parties in power advocate for few political parties that maintain the capitalists’ status quo of capitalism and neo-colonialism like those in the UK and USA. 


Thus JUBILEE and ODM with their OKA coalition partners Wiper, FORD KENYA, KANU, and ANC conspired to change the Political Parties Act to ensure that the billions of shillings budgeted for political parties are grabbed by the ruling political parties of the rich to use them to fix you in the box of retaining you as perpetual voters of maintaining the capitalist system and leadership in power. With this illegal arrangement in their favour they use your taxes to ensure that you from the tribe of workers and peasants will only remain voters but will never yourselves be elected to Parliament. They also fix you in the box with your own money to use you and your votes to block those patriots and revolutionaries like the Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) who fight for your interests and against their political parties from coming to power. 


I am reminding you of all this you fixed in the box so that you are also aware that the money they use to bribe you to elect them to power during the elections is your own money. They use your own money to fix you as slaves in the slavery box that they have designed and made for you. You are so fixed in their box that when we tell you this truth you don't listen to us. Or you pretend you know and claim it's not true. You ignore us and accept to sell your dignity, humanity, and freedom for fifty, hundred, or two hundred shillings! And no sooner have you elected them to Parliament through corruption and stupidity than you start lamenting and condemning them the very next day for forgetting you and for practicing corruption and for making you suffer in poverty, exploitation, and oppression! You see, you the poor and the exploited citizens have been manufactured as hypocrites and enemies of your class interests by the capitalist system.


Yes, unless you get yourselves out of the capitalism illusive box that you are fixed in you will remain in your life of poverty, suffering, backwardness, and hopelessness. We shall continue reminding you that capitalism always benefits few people in society while leaving the majority to wallow and languish in the quagmire of perpetual poverty, want, suffering and underdevelopment. 


Liberation formula

However much you lament, wish, pray or vote you will remain that way until you liberate yourselves and come out of the box of capitalism and its ever-elusive democracy. To come out of the box means that you must identify your class ethnicity and interests, unite and remember that you are a human being that must not accept to continue living in the box made for you by capitalism, neo-colonialism, and the current leaders of Kenya who only care about themselves, their families and class interests and ethnicity. Getting yourselves out of the box means refusing the present political, economic, and social arrangements imposed upon you by the ruling class and their state machine. It means struggling against the capitalist system. It means listening to and working with those like the Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) who are committed to struggle with you to liberate you and the whole society from capitalism and imperialism.


The capitalist system that up to today is imposed upon you has been in Kenya since colonial times. It is the system that was brought to Kenya by European colonialism around 1885 and imposed upon the Kenyan people and communities many of which were at one stage or another of mature communalism mode defined by Julius Nyerere as Ujamaa, which he also considered to be the basis of African socialism. 


Colonialism fought and eventually destroyed the communal social relations of equality, social justice, solidarity, and common ownership of the basic means of production, land. Capitalist socio-economic relations based on private property and exploitation and oppression of person by person were violently imposed upon Africans. Colonial capitalism was used by the European settlers and rulers to rob Kenyans of their land, property, exploit their labour, denying them their freedom and human rights, and destroy their cultures based on communal values. The seeds of class inequality existing in the country today and embraced by the leadership in power and that fixes you in the box of the capitalist system were planted and nurtured by colonialism.


The leaders of the ruling classes of Kenya and their political parties, whether JUBILEE, ODM, WIPER, ANC, FORD KENYA, KANU - OKA coalition, and their press and intellectuals who impose the capitalist system upon you and your class ethnicity will never liberate you from exploitation and oppression because they are exploiters and oppressors who worship the capitalist God of private property, accumulation and money. They are beneficiaries of the inhuman system that drives the vast majority of Kenyans to live the life of poverty, suffering, and backwardness which is unworthy of human beings. I repeat however many times you elect them and their political parties and coalitions to power they will never change your conditions for the better. Instead, they will continue to grow richer and richer by stealing public money and property while you continue sinking deeper and deeper in the quagmire of poverty, suffering, debt burden, dependency, and underdevelopment.


Yet, while you are in the box you believe them when they pretend that they are fighting corruption. But the truth of the matter is that they embrace the mother of all corruption, capitalism! What can be more corrupt than the system that advocates for private property, class division, and exploitation of person by person? What is more corrupt than a system, leadership, and political parties that allow few individuals and families to grab, own and retain tens and hundreds of thousands of acres of land throughout the country while millions of people are landless and are forced to live as squatters and in slums in rural and urban areas? They accumulate millions and billions of shillings when the majority of Kenyans cannot save even a shilling and are unable to afford food, house rent, and medicine or pay school fees for their children. 

The ethnicity of the ruling class lives in castles in their exclusive beautiful and environmentally friendly suburbs in rural and urban areas while you in the ethnicity of the poor and exploited are made to dwell in ugly and dirty hovels that are unfit for human habitation…and this is not called corruption! They are not even ashamed to drive their posh cars on dirty and dilapidated roads and streets full of potholes in all urban areas surrounded by slums. The leaders you keep on listening to every day and keep on electing and re-electing to power every time consider this system as normal and just while calling it civilization and democracy! Yet you in the box believe and support them and their capitalist system as though you are condemned by fate! As if you are not human beings!


CPK alternative

The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) was formed and registered to struggle against the capitalist system in theory and practice. We are patriots and revolutionaries engaged in the battle of ideas with those who impose capitalism and imperialism upon our country and World, the systems which fix you the majority of Kenyans and humanity in the box of reaction. CPK believes that there can never be true liberation, freedom, peace, and sustainable human security in our country and World as long as capitalism and imperialism dominate the world. Our planet Earth is itself threatened with destruction and disappearance as long as the capitalist and imperialist systems continue to dominate the World and impose values and practices of exploitation and oppression of person by person and of nation by nation, of competition over markets, of greed, of grabbing, of looting and plundering and destroying natural resources and the environment, of war and of stockpiling weapons of mass destruction. 


Members of CPK will never accept to be locked in the box or to remain silent, unconcerned, and inactive while capitalism and its ideology stand in the way of human freedom, liberation, and development. CPK will vigorously perform its historical role in this part of the World called Kenya in the battle against capitalism and imperialism. In this just and progressive struggle we are together and in solidarity with our class ethnicities of Africa and the World for the struggle against capitalism and imperialism is global. CPK is part and parcel of the international anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist united front. 


CPK is committed to the realization of the national values and principles of governance stipulated in article ten in the Constitution of Kenya. They are part of the values and principles of socialism that you today fixed in the box wished for yourselves and Kenya but are deliberately violated by the capitalists in power with impunity. 


The implementation of the socialist national values and principles would put the country along a sustainable development path that will benefit all citizens and move our country towards freedom and liberation and social progress. 


Kenya has enough human and natural resources to enable all citizens to participate in the development process and to realize the economic and social rights stipulated by the Constitution of Kenya and which are also part and parcel of the minimum demands of CPK. If the annual national budget of three trillion and six hundred billion shillings were to be implemented honestly, prudently, equitably, efficiently, and progressively each year to realize the intended goals of national planned development, the country would alleviate and ultimately eradicate poverty, gross inequality, and underdevelopment within a few years. Every year you people would witness the construction of more and more decent public houses and development of transport infrastructure including roads, rail, air, and water transport. The government would be able to provide adequate food, education, health services, water, electricity, employment, and social security to all Kenyans as stipulated in article 43 of the Constitution of Kenya concerning economic and social rights.


The Constitution of Kenya is progressive in many ways and could be used to bring about many progressive reforms even within the current capitalist system. CPK believes in progressive reforms that are aimed at improving the welfare of the exploited and oppressed even while being aware that true freedom and liberation of society will ultimately only be realized when the capitalist system is replaced by the historically higher, progressive, and humane socialist system. 


But JUBILEE, ODM, WIPER, ANC, FORD KENYA, KANU, and their OKA political coalitions do not make the necessary laws for the implementation of the progressive aspects of the Constitution that will improve your present conditions. And when they do they end up deliberately making contradictory laws that they implement more in the breach than in the observance. Capitalists in power everywhere will always interpret and implement constitutions to serve their class interests that are against that of majority exploited and oppressed citizens of their countries. 


And now as they prepare to form the so-called One Kenya Alliance (OKA) - yet another capitalist political force to mobilize you in the box to vote to maintain them in political power in 2022 -, they are organising using the notorious, unpopular illegal, and dead Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) created by President Uhuru and ODM leader Raila Odinga to make you participate in the process of creating ruling and eating positions for themselves and their class.


The BBI constitutional amendments, if you ever vote for them in the referendum they are planning, will be mainly about power and position sharing and not about wealth sharing, nation-building, and empowering you the majority poor and exploited Kenyans to participate in the affairs of your country as equal citizens and human beings. The leaders and their political parties and coalitions are united in changing the Constitution to perpetuate themselves and their class in power and to strengthen their bourgeoisie democracy that is always elusive to you the majority working class, poor and marginalized. 


Call to action

That is why CPK calls upon you to come out of the box and join us in the struggle for socialism. CPK is a vanguard political party that seeks to unite all progressive and patriotic political parties, mass organizations, civil society, movements and other popular formations to struggle for the liberation of Kenya from the present capitalist system that prevents the freedom, development, liberation, and social progress of our country. 


CPK does not believe in utopian socialism but in scientific socialism that will be spearheaded by a vanguard party, guided by the ideology of Marxism-Leninism applied in the concrete material and historical conditions of Kenya. Socialism will come through class struggle led by revolutionary organisations and popular formations, workers, and the allies of the working class. 


We are, therefore, today as ever before committed to mobilizing Kenyan workers, peasants, and all the progressive and popular forces to join us in the frontline of the struggle for participatory democracy and socialism. CPK is conscious of the fact that freedom, liberation, and socialism cannot happen spontaneously. That is why we deliberately came together to organize and register CPK to consciously organise the working classes and the masses of Kenya to carry out this struggle. 


CPK expands and stretches the democratic gains and space won by Kenyans hitherto towards establishing the society envisioned by article ten and other progressive articles of the Constitution of Kenya that embody the spirit, wishes, and aspirations of the majority of citizens, socialism. CPK is conscious of the fact that realizing these wishes and aspirations of the majority of Kenyans will not happen without sacrifices and bitter class struggles. CPK invites you to come out of the box and join us in this class struggle whose ultimate objective is to realize and establish socialism and a socialist state in Kenya.


Getting out of the box means and must mean refusing to be used by the reactionary leaders and their political parties and coalitions to elect and re-elect them to power so that they continue to exploit and oppress you while betraying our country and pushing us deeper and deeper in the quagmire of poverty, debt burden, dependency, and underdevelopment. It means rejecting being used by the so-called BBI formation of Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga that is plotting to change the Constitution to share political and state positions among themselves and their class and to perpetuate the neo-colonial capitalist system.


Getting out of the box is joining, supporting, and working with CPK to struggle to amend the Constitution - through the popular participation of all citizens - to consolidate and conserve its progressive content won by the masses of Kenya hitherto while demanding for more and more socialist content. It is refusing to be divided, led, exploited, oppressed, robbed, and oppressed along tribal lines.


In other words, getting out of the box is waking up from the slumber in the box. It means putting an end to the sitting, lamenting, praying, wishing, and expecting that progressive change will somehow emerge from the blues! Instead, it is joining us to work for, organize for, unite for and struggle for progressive and revolutionary change. It is never forgetting that progressive and revolutionary change will and must inevitably lead to socialism.


Getting yourself out of the box is asserting your humanity. It is remembering that you are a human being: an independent, conscious, creative social being. For to be a communist is the highest attribute of a human being.

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Ruto Resign or Be Overthrown
26 Jun 2024 11:14

The blood spilled on the streets of Kenya lies squarely in the hands of the IMF, the World Bank, and their local puppets led by President Ruto in Nairobi. Yesterday’s peaceful anti-government and anti-Finance Bill protests saw countless people maimed nearly to death and at least 10 comrades martyred. Following this brutality, there was another attack on the most vulnerable in Nairobi's Githurai, where numerous poor residents were murdered in cold blood, their bodies still unaccounted for. Prior to this, countless activists, revolutionaries, and social media influencers were kidnapped by the  [ ... ]

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President William Ruto: The Imperialist Puppet Exposed and Why the CPK Shall Ta...
18 Jun 2024 11:15

  Statement by the Communist Party of Kenya, Unmasking Ruto’s Betrayal and Mobilizing for Kenya’s Sovereignty and Justice   The Communist Party of Kenya vehemently condemns President Ruto's recent actions, which expose his true allegiance as a subservient agent of Western imperialism. His visit to Washington and address at the G7 summit confirm beyond doubt that he is held captive by the foreign forces that facilitated his ascent to power. This is no longer speculation but a glaring fact: President Ruto is a puppet of the Western ruling class, betraying the Kenyan people at every turn [ ... ]

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